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My Pokemon Ranch Cheats For Wii

  1. Earthquake and Tornadoes

    While in the ranch, if you shake the wii remote, an earthquake will occur in the game causing all the pokemons on the ground and the miis to fall down. And if you zoom all the way out and shake the wii remote, instead of an earthquake, a tornado may occur causing the pokemons to be lifted off the ground and they spin around in circles until they fall back down.

    Contributed by: alejandro1994 

  2. Unlockable Features

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Reach Level 10 Favorites
    Reach Level 05 Free Mode

    Contributed by: Hawk-eye91 

  3. Ranch Level Up

    As more Pokemon are deposited, Hayley will improve the ranch and make it bigger. As it gets bigger, more Pokemon can be stored on the ranch. Below are the levels and how many it takes to boost it to the next one.

    At level 21 and up, the Pokemon Hayley brings no longer count towards the grand total of Pokemon on the ranch. Also, certain levels grant you the ability to bring in more Miis to the ranch. These are also listed.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Deposit 7 Pokemon Level 02 (Can hold 25 Pokemon)
    Deposit 10 Pokemon Level 03 (Can hold 30 Pokemon)
    Deposit 15 Pokemon Level 04 (Can hold 40 Pokemon and 5 more Miis)
    Deposit 20 Pokemon Level 05 (Can hold 50 Pokemon)
    Deposit 30 Pokemon Level 06 (Can hold 60 Pokemon)
    Deposit 40 Pokemon Level 07 (Can hold 80 Pokemon)
    Deposit 50 Pokemon Level 08 (Can hold 100 Pokemon and 5 more Miis)
    Deposit 60 Pokemon Level 09 (Can hold 150 Pokemon)
    Deposit 80 Pokemon Level 10 (Can hold 200 Pokemon)
    Deposit 100 Pokemon Level 11 (Can hold 250 Pokemon and 5 more Miis)
    Deposit 120 Pokemon Level 12 (Can hold 300 Pokemon)
    Deposit 150 Pokemon Level 13 (Can hold 350 Pokemon)
    Deposit 200 Pokemon Level 14 (Can hold 400 Pokemon)
    Deposit 250 Pokemon Level 15 (Can hold 500 Pokemon)
    Deposit 300 Pokemon Level 16 (Can hold 600 Pokemon)
    Deposit 350 Pokemon Level 17 (Can hold 700 Pokemon)
    Deposit 400 Pokemon Level 18 (Can hold 800 Pokemon)
    Deposit 450 Pokemon Level 19 (Can hold 900 Pokemon)
    Deposit 500 Pokemon Level 20 (Can hold 1000 Pokemon)
    Deposit 600 Pokemon Level 21 (Can hold 1000 Pokemon)
    Deposit 700 Pokemon Level 22 (Can hold 1000 Pokemon)
    Deposit 800 Pokemon Level 23 (Can hold 1000 Pokemon)
    Deposit 900 Pokemon Level 24 (Can hold 1000 Pokemon)
    Deposit 999 Pokemon Level 25 (Can hold 1000 Pokemon)
    Deposit 1000 Pokemon (Pokemon Platinum Update required) *JP Only* Level 26 (Can hold 1500 Pokemon)

    Contributed by: FridgeBeard, MBBDarigon 

  4. Unlocking Special Pokemon

    You can insert a set number of Pokemon from your Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Games onto your Pokemon Ranch to unlock special Pokemon. These Pokemon can be transferred back to your Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Game.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Level up your Ranch to 25. (Import 999 Pokemon) Mew
    Level up your Ranch to 15. (Import 250 Pokemon) Phione

    Contributed by: Dark_Star_1 

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