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Muppets Party Cruise Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Play A Locked Game In Short Cruise Mode

    When in Short Cruise mode, highlight an unlocked game. Then, instead of pressing X (which would select that unlocked game), press X+Right to play the game to the immediate right of the highlighted game; X+Left to play the game to the immediate left of the highlighted game; press X+Up to play the game immediately above the highlighted game; or press X+Down to play the game immediately below the highlighted game. You must press both buttons instantaneously. Note: You're just playing the games, you're not unlocking them.

    Contributed by: prudoff 

  2. Muppetism Videos

    Each of the 15 mini-games you unlock (by buying them with your party favors), as well as each of the five Deck boards (each of the four locked boards opens up with every three mini-games you buy), also unlocks one of 20 short Muppetism videos (press the button listed while that board or game is highlighted to view the video). Originally recorded for the Odyssey Channel in 1999, these 30-60 second spots feature maniac Muppet moments. Some of these spots are unique to this game in that they haven't been released previously on DVD. In case you want to unlock certain videos, or just want to know what videos are on the disc, here's the list (I assume it's the same on the GameCube):

    Long Cruise: Deck 1 - Miss Piggy (Le Pig) [THE ONLY ONE UNLOCKED FROM THE START]
    Long Cruise: Deck 2 - Gonzo (The... ???)
    Long Cruise: Deck 3 - Fozzie (Da Bear)
    Long Cruise: Deck 4 - Animal (The Percussionist)
    Long Cruise: Deck 5 - Pépe (The King Prawn)
    Short Cruise: Sling Ball - Waldorf (The Old Coot) & Statler (The Old Geezer)
    Short Cruise: Spinball - Floyd (The Groove Master) & Kermit (Amphiboogie Danci-Frog)
    Short Cruise: Ticklin' The Ivories - Kermit (The Frog)
    Short Cruise: Too Cool - Bobo (The Bear)("Celebrate The Small Moments")
    Short Cruise: Aeroplane Island - Rizzo (The Vermin American)
    Short Cruise: Asteroid Belt - Bunsen (The Scientist) & Beaker (The Assistant)
    Short Cruise: Chemical Imbalance - Bunsen (The Scientist) & Beaker (The Guinea-Pig)
    Short Cruise: Fish Flingers - Waldorf (The Crook) & Statler (The Bum)
    Short Cruise: Food Fight - Waldorf (The Senile) & Statler (The Seniler)
    Short Cruise: Gunball Drops - Pépe (The Shrimp)
    Short Cruise: Lights Out - Miss Piggy (The Diva)
    Short Cruise: Natural Disaster - Rizzo (The Rat)
    Short Cruise: Power Boatin' - Bobo (The Bear)("Love Hurts")
    Short Cruise: Scuba Driving - Gonzo (The Artiste)
    Short Cruise: Short Circuit - Waldorf (The Elderly Gentleman) & Statler (The Elderlier Gentleman)
    [20 total]

    Contributed by: prudoff