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Mother 3 Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Mother 3's ''Bonus Ending''

    After the rather unusual manner in which Mother 3's creators opted to end the game, the bemused player is left with nothing more than a blank screen with text reading "End?". Wish as one might, this black screen will last until the power is cut.

    Fortunately, there is still a bit more to do: Using the control pad, you can actually move the "End?" text around (note that the controls are reversed, so up is down and down is up) and press the "A Button" to initiate conversations. Continue to move around and "talk" until the game's credits begin (and "yes", it will take a LOT of talking).

    Contributed by: Ashley Winchester 

  2. NEW GAME +

    If you beat the game in File 1 with all PSI, copy it to File 2. Now, start a new game and save over File 2. Lucas and Kumatora will have every PSI to start with. Lucas won't be able to use it until he gets the ability to, but then it will work.

    Contributed by: earthboundboy 

  3. Mr. Passion Rematch

    During Chapter 5, backtrack to Osohe Castle and return to the room where you first fought Mr. Passion. You will find him again as Lord Passion. You can fight him again and this time, he will be stronger. Defeat him to obtain the Mystical Shoes for Duster, which is the second-strongest weapon for him in the game.

    Contributed by: supernintendo28 

  4. Hard Mode

    When asked for your (the player's) name at the Forest Prayer Sanctuary or the Clayman Factory, enter "HARD MODE" in all-caps. This will buff the HP and speed of all enemies. If you enabled Hard Mode at the Forest Prayer Sanctuary, you can disable it by changing your name at the Clayman Factory.

    Contributed by: supernintendo28 

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