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Monster Rancher Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Hidden Techno Music Track

    Do you know that there's a secret song on the game CD? Put the CD in a CD Player and play the second track to hear it.

    Contributed by: YSF 

  2. Get Ardebaran

    When you are about to breed a new monster, insert the game Tecmo's Deception (PS) to create Ardebaren

    Contributed by: Undergrads2003 

  3. Get Shades

    After breeding an ape monster put in Billy Joel greatest Hits CD and you will get Shades

    Contributed by: Undergrads2003 

  4. Unlock Ape

    To obtain an Ape, raise your monster's Int. over 600 (to prevent frustration from getting lost. On the 2nd week of July, Karn will invite you to explore the Hartville ruins in the Jungle with him. The easiest place to find a Magic Banana is in the NE corner of the map where the King's Pyramid sits because they are abundant there (For example, my monster with 900 Int. found 9 Bananas in that single spot). Once you have it, raise two separate monsters until they have a Style of "Spoiled" (usually by giving them Meat/Apple Cake and letting them rest all month), and combine them with the Magic Banana. All ??? Apes will now be unlocked as well as receiving an Ape from your combination.

    Contributed by: BazookaBob 

  5. Unlock Nya (Mew)

    Eventually the item shop will begin selling a Cat Doll for 1,000G. Purchase the Cat Doll and use it while combining any 2 monsters to receive a Nya and unlock all of its main breeds.

    Contributed by: BazookaBob 

  6. Unlock Henger

    Step 1. Obtain the following 4 Doll pieces:
    1) Doll Hand R
    2) Doll Hand L
    3) Doll Leg R
    4) Doll Leg L
    *These can be found on the Reno Expedition.
    Step 2. Raise a monster to A Cup
    Step 3. You will receive an invitation on the 1st week of Jan to the Winter Invitational held on the 4th week of Feb. (So make sure your A Level monster is on the Farm on the 4th week of Dec in order for the event to begin on the 1st week of Jan).
    Step 4. Enter the Winter Invitational and win the Doll Head that is held as the prize. Tesca will come to your farm and combine the 5 Doll Pieces into a Clay Doll
    Step 5. Go back to Reno with a high Int. monster and read the tablet. Your monster will now have the Reno Mark on it. Congratulations you are almost done!!
    Step 6. Combine the Reno Mark monster with any other monster and use the Clay Doll during the combination to create a Henger and unlock its main breeds.

    Contributed by: BazookaBob 

  7. Unlock Doodle

    Get a Monol (Monol/Monol) and get its Fame to a high level (I do 100 to be safe). Now get its fame to fall to 60 or lower. For example, this can occur while having it enter a lower level tournament such as E when it is level C. Your Monol will turn into a Scribble (Monol/???) after a crazed fan sprays graffiti on it. Scribble can be combined with any monster to get a Sketch (Doodle/???) and unlock all Doodle main-breeds.

    To get a Doodle from here, just combine the Sketch as the main-breed with any monster. However, the probability from the lab will say that it will result in a ???? - 100. This just hides the fact that a Doodle is able to be created. For example, If the monster you are combining with the Sketch is a purebreed Plant, the actual results are Doodle - 60 & Plant - 40. Just keep combining and resetting until you get a Doodle.

    Contributed by: BazookaBob 

  8. Unlock Dragon

    Step 1. Raise a monster to the B Cup
    Step 2. Enter the Trial Cup held on the 4th week of April.
    **This Trial Cup in particular has a Dragon named Maccam as one of the opponents (the other Trial Cups have a Nya named Eza on the 4th week of July and an Ape named Sonmu on the 4th week of Oct). You must win this tournament, but you do not have to beat the Dragon as there is a small chance that both Kwan and Reno will beat Maccam which will allow you to win through a tie-breaker with either Worm.
    Step 3. Beat the Official B Cup and upgrade your monster to A Level.
    Step 4. You will receive an invitation on the 1st week of July to compete in the Summer Invitational held on the 4th week of Aug.
    Step 5. Enter the Summer Invitational and win the Dragon Tusk as the Prize
    Step 6. Tesca will come over and explain that you need to create a Grape (Dino/Naga) and a Stinger (Naga/Dino) and combine them together with the Dragon Tusk.
    Step 7. Follow Tesca's advice and you will have created a Dragon and unlocked its main-breeds.

    Contributed by: BazookaBob 

  9. Unlock Magic

    Step 1. Find the Old Mirror in the NW most structure in the Titus Expedition.
    Step 2. Raise a monster to A cup
    Step 3. You will receive an invitation on the 1st week of Sep to the Gold Cup that is held on the 4th week of Nov.
    Step 4. Win the Gold Cup and Karn will tell you how to create a Magic. You will also win Pure Gold which is not relevant to unlocking a Magic.
    Step 5. Combine a Gali (Gali/Gali) and Monol (Monol/Monol) and use the Old Mirror in the combination. This will create a Magic and unlock its main/breeds.

    Contributed by: BazookaBob 

  10. Unlock Ghost

    Step 1. Raise a monster, and let it die (I did not let it rest, got it to a Cruel Style, and lowered its defense so it gets KO’d in tournaments and injured easier– Not sure if this is a requirement). To make it Cruel, just feed it a bunch of Mystic Snakes. I held a funeral for it.

    Step 2. Go to the shrine and get a new monster (NOT from the store). Enter the first Class E official tournament (Tip: Feed it mystic snakes to raise its loyalty to reduce chance of Foolery) and win the Class E Official Cup (I tested it with 8 losses and 3 wins, and got it on the 3rd win; I’m not sure if you can get it by losing the tournament).

    Step 3. You will now have a 1 in 16 (assuming the internet is correct) chance of the monster being cursed, and a Skull mark will appear on your monster (my Nya had a red circle on it instead of a Skull Mark) after feeding it on the 1st of the month. You will know if you got it because Holly will begin freaking out about the Curse Mark. Combine this monster with another monster, and you will create a Ghost.

    *Note:If you have already seen the cutscene with Holly freaking out over the Curse Mark, then anytime you do this, the animation will not play. Instead you will have to view the monster directly with the Square button and look at the physical model of the monster by pressing the Square button again to examine it for unusual marks (look for a Skull or Circle Tattoo).

    Contributed by: BazookaBob 

  11. The Elusive Disk Monster

    While unusual, there is a rare monster that cannot be normally obtained from just playing the game. Regarding the pure-breed, it is currently unknown how to create one if there is an intended way (Not likely since its main-breeds are already unlocked). However you can still get one by combining one its rare versions Gooaall! (Disk/???) or Radial (Disk/???) with itself. This will guarantee a Disk (Disk/Disk) is created from the Combination.

    Contributed by: BazookaBob 

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