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Milo's Astro Lanes Cheats For Nintendo 64

  1. In-Game Codes

    When it's your turn to bowl and before picking up the ball, press the following buttons. A sound will be heard if you do it right.

    Effect Effect
    R, R, L, R, R, L All Power Up Balls
    L, L, L, R, R, R Clone Ball Powerup
    R, R, R, L, L, L Clone Ball powerup
    L,L,R,R,A,B Instant Win
    L, L, R, R, L, R Mega Ball Powerup
    R, R, L, L, R, L Speed Ball Powerup (Press Z to activate it)
    R, L, R, L, L, R Turn the screen green
    R, R, R, L, L, L White Dwarf Ball Powerup

    Contributed by: ZeldaGuy, Retro, andy11dolphins, KasketDarkfyre