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Metal Slug Advance Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. ''Complete'' a mission

    In a mission, rescue every prisoner and collect every available item (the X-Ray scan card is useful for this) to get a golden "COMPLETE" sign over a mission on the map screen.

    Contributed by: Rugal 

  2. Get the boss cards

    When you are fighting a boss, you must destroy it very quickly to get its card (A message will appear on screen informing you that you have the card) To defeat the bosses quickly you must have lots of grenades and a special weapon (like the flame shot for the fourth boss) or use the Metal Slug if you can get it (Second, third and final boss)

    Contributed by: Rugal 

  3. Unlock the extra Dungeon mission

    In Mission 5, find and collect the dungeon card. Then complete mission 5 and go to the mission select screen and to the top left there is an extra mission called dungeon.

    Contributed by: Rugal 

  4. Unlock Decoration Card

    You need the "paper thin" card. Turn it on, then complete any mission. With paper thin turned on you will die with just one hit. The easiest way to get the decoration card is to complete mission 2, mainly because there is a Metal Slug at the near start of the level which is shielded, so if you can manage to get through the level with the Metal Slug it shouldn't be as difficult to get the card.

    Contributed by: Rugal 

  5. Parachute route in mission 5

    In mission 5, jump into the plane slug. Now as soon as you start the level proper, press L to crash the slug. You will eject and go onto a different route where you parachute down into the enemy docks.

    Contributed by: Rugal 

  6. Unlock All cards card

    Collect all 99 cards in the game to get the final 100th "All cards" card.

    Contributed by: Rugal 

  7. Get Allen Jr's card

    In mission 5, find and kill Allen. (He has a large machine gun, throws grenades and will slash you with a knife if you get close and is different to any normal enemy) When you do kill him, he will drop a card. Collect it, then complete the level without dieing to keep the Allen Jr card.

    Contributed by: Rugal 

  8. Bypass Airplane Level

    After you jump into your plane slug in Mission 5 and go onto the next screen, quickly press up until you're on top of the screen, press left and hold it. Now the enemy planes won't show up on screen and if you hold your position long enough, you will finish the level without encountering any enemies.

    Contributed by: nfuse 

  9. Unlock mission cards

    You just have to clear the mission, you can die as many times as it takes.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Complete every mission All clear
    Complete mission 1 M1 Clear Card
    Complete mission 2 M2 Clear Card
    Complete mission 3 M3 Clear Card
    Complete mission 4 M4 Clear Card
    Complete mission 5 M5 Clear Card

    Contributed by: Rugal 

  10. Ways to unlock prisoner cards

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Rescue all prisoners All saved
    Rescue 10 prisoners Prisoner A Card
    Rescue 20 prisoners Prisoner B Card
    Rescue 30 prisoners Prisoner C Card
    Rescue 40 prisoners Prisoner D Card
    Rescue 50 prisoners Prisoner E Card
    Rescue 60 prisoners Prisoner F Card
    Rescue 70 prisoners Prisoner G Card
    Rescue 80 prisoners Prisoner H Card
    Rescue 90 prisoners Prisoner I Card

    Contributed by: Rugal 

  11. How to unlock soldier cards

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Kill 100 soldiers Soldier A card
    Kill 200 soldiers Soldier B card
    Kill 300 soldiers Soldier C card
    Kill 999 soldiers Soldier D card
    Don't kill any enemies and complete a level. Just die as soon as you start a level. Washout

    Contributed by: Rugal 

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