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Metal Head Cheats For Sega 32X

  1. Cheap Missile Launcher Glitch

    At the Weapon Select screen, choose the free chain gun for the right arm and choose hammer knuckle for the left arm. Then choose the flying mine for 800. You'll have the missile launcher instead.

    Contributed by: XCommander 

  2. Secret Commander

    Before you turn on your machine, hold A+B+C+START, turn on and keep holding those buttons until the screen "press start button" appears. no enter the options menu and in the option "your team" you can select ANIME. now the character that gives your orders during the game will be an anime character.

    Contributed by: ReBirFh 

  3. Secret Commander (alternate method)

    Beat the game and get all 6 medals, and you will unlock the secret anime commander. When the game restarts, go to the Option menu and you will find the extra ANIME commander in the "Your Team" option.

    How the 6 medals are awarded (you'll see the medals after the ending credits):

    #1: When you have at least 150 enemies eliminated.
    #2: When you have at least 800 remaining power.
    #3: When you beat the last mission without dying.
    #4: When you used zero continues.
    #5: When you have at least 8,000 total points earned.
    #6: When you played in the hard mode.

    Contributed by: THedstrom 

  4. Cheat Codes

    Effect Effect
    Press Up, Up, Up, Down, Down, Down, A, B, C, X, Y, Z at the title screen but make sure you have a six button controller Level Select
    Press A, B, B, A, X, Z at the title screen and make sure that you have a six button controller Secret Robot

    Contributed by: im superior