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Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Cheats For PSP

  1. Unlockables

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat the game Boss Rush Mode (EU Version)
    Beat the game Extreme Difficulty
    Beat the game with a combined Tech level of 99. Stealth Camo

    Contributed by: -Biscuit-, dinobotmaximized, decafEspresso 

  2. Unlockable characters

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat Cunningham on ANY difficulty by stamina kill and beat the game before January 1st 1971 in game. You get him after you make a new game. Cunningham
    Get a Medic level of 80. Elisa
    Recruit 200 soldiers and stamina kill Gene all in one playthrough. Gene
    Complete Boss Rush mode Gene (EU Version)
    Have a MGS:DGN game save on your psp's memory stick. (Second Playthrough only) Major Zero
    Kill Null by stamina kill or HP kill when you face him twice and beat the game. You get him after you make a new game. Null
    Contact her on the radio on the Comm Tower stage. She will later need to be resceud in the hospital stage. Place spies in the hospital. Para Medic
    Kill Python by stamina kill. Python
    Place spies in Western Wilderness before clearing the Guard House mission. Afterwards you should get a report of a handsome prisoner being held there. Raikov
    After Snake is captured and rescued you can contact Sigint on the radio at the Comm stage. He will need to be rescued in the town. Sigint
    Give the Saturn V blueprints to Sokolov Sokolov
    Have a MGA game save on your psp's memory stick. (Second Playthrough only) Teliko
    Have a Medic level of over 80, with the second number as an odd number Ursula
    Have a MGA 2 game save on your psp's mamory stick. (Second Playthrough only) Venus

    Contributed by: Shadys_Back, Emperorwon, -Biscuit-, GenomeSoldier66, Vokkan, Delriach, MetalSonic700 

  3. Special Character Passwords

    Enter at the password menu

    Effect Effect
    JUNKER Cunningham
    THE-L Elisa
    E.APPLE Eva
    !TRAUMER Ga Ko
    ERBE Gene
    Hunter-n Null
    R.R.R. Ocelot
    PM-EMS Paramedic
    LQ.N2 Python
    IVN =RV Raikov
    DARPA-1 Sigint
    SATURNV Sokolov
    T.F-ACID Teliko
    PK +ESP Ursula
    MGA2VE Venus
    1+2-3 Zero

    Contributed by: sil3ntw0lf, Signeti 

  4. Special Character Passwords (EU Version)

    Enter at the password menu

    Effect Effect
    CUN=BOA Cunningham
    E.WASP Elisa
    016K/HYH Eva
    GAK.O Gako Soldier
    9-VIPER Gene
    ALL=0 Null
    THE-SON Ocelot
    E.M.S. Paramedic
    GUFO Python
    SKAZKA Raikov
    D+ARPA Sigint
    Vostok Sokolov
    SHINE! Teliko
    ESP:ASP Ursula
    @VESPER Venus
    GALAXY-0 Zero

    Contributed by: ivanzypher, joekangazha 

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