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Metal Gear Acid Cheats For PSP

  1. Link Battle

    After clearing Stage 06, Link Battle will be available by going into Options from Intermission.

    Contributed by: rougewisp 

  2. MGS3 Connectivity (Japanese/European Version only)

    If you own the Japanese/European version of AC!D and the Japanese/European version of MGS3 , connect your PSP to your PS2 using the link cable and put the PSP on the "USB connection" option.

    Then start or load a MGS3 game and you will have recieved the Stealth Camo and the EZ gun. You can then save your game and keep the items even after your PSP is disconnected.

    This does not work on the US version.

    Contributed by: J.Mason 

  3. Bonus Cards

    In the main menu, select Password and enter the following passwords:

    Effect Effect
    cygnus Gives Card No. 201 - Asaki Yoshida (EUR version only)
    YEBISU Gives Card No. 202 Yu Saito (US version only)
    Viper Gives Card No.173 - Viper
    Mika Gives Card No.178 - Mika Slayton
    Karen Gives Card No.182 - Karen Houjou
    Jehuty Gives Card No.184 - Jehuty
    Xmeight Gives Card No.199 - XM8
    Kobe Gives Card No.200 - Kosaka Yuka ( US version only)
    Sabrage Gives Card No.200 - Kosaka Yuka (Japanese version only)
    lepus Gives Card No.200 - Yuka Kosaka (EUR version only)
    umeda Gives Card No.201 - Asaki Yoshida (US Version)
    Nomel Gives Card No.201 - Yoshida Asaki (Japanese version only)
    Elyts Gives Card No.202 - Saitou Yuu (Japanese version only)
    serpens Gives Card No.202 - Yuu Saito (EUR version only)
    grus Gives Card No.203 - Eri Shibuya (EUR version only)
    Maeb Gives Card No.203 - Shibuya Eri (Japanese version only)
    Roppongi Gives Card No.203 - Shibuya Eri (US version only)

    Contributed by: SolidusSnake434, _ultranova_, Kouli, fraudbrand 

  4. Unlockable Cards

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Finish the Game twice on any difficulty. Raiden Card
    Finish the Game Once. Solid Snake (MG) Card

    Contributed by: J.Mason 

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