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Metal Gear Acid 2 Cheats For PSP

  1. Unlock Card Movies Selection

    Beat the game once and the selection "Card Movies" will appear in the Deck Editor.

    This will allow you to view the clips associated with various cards when you play them during gameplay (such as watching the Grey Fox clip from MGS1 when you play the "Cyborg Ninja" card).

    Contributed by: pacokorn77 

  2. Unlockable Cards

    Complete the game on any difficulty and get a certain rare card.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat 6 levels in Arena Mode on Easy Setting "E-Z Gun" Card
    Beat 6 levels in Arena Mode on Extreme Setting "G36C" Card
    Beat 6 levels in Arena Mode on Normal Setting "Stealth Camo" Card
    Beat campain mode twice Metal Gear RAY
    Complete game on Normal Metal Gear Rex
    Complete game on Easy MGS4
    Complete 6 rounds in the Arena on the Hard difficulty setting. Running Man Card

    Contributed by: xXChibi_MaikuXx, Slick350, SilentAssassinB, Rottenwood 

  3. Passwords

    Enter these passwords at the password screen. You'll obtain them as you load your saved games.

    Effect Effect
    Ronaldsiu Banana Peel Card
    Dcy Card No. 203 - Decoy Octopus
    SONOFSULLY Card No. 291 - Jack
    Vrs Card No.046 - Strain (JP Version only)
    Cct Card No.099 - Gijin-san (JP Version only)
    Konami Card No.119 - Reaction Block
    Viper Card No.161 - Viper
    Mika Card No.166 - Mika Slayton
    Karen Card No.170 - Karen Houjou
    Jehuty Card No.172 - Jehuty
    Xmeight Card No.187 - XM8
    Signt Card No.188 - Mr. Sigint
    Sgnt Card No.188 - SIGINT (JP Version only)
    Hrrr Card No.197 - Sea Harrier (JP Version only)
    Dcyctps Card No.203 - Decoy Octopus (JP Version only)
    Rgr Card No.212 - Roger McCoy (JP Version only)
    Xx Card No.281 - Hinomoto Reiko (JP Version only)
    Kinoshitaa Card No.285 - Kinoshita Ayumi (JP Version only)
    Shiimeg Card No.286 - Ishii Meguru (JP Version only)
    Nonat Card No.287 - Sano Natsume (JP Version only)
    No Place Card No.288 - MGS4 (JP Version only)
    Snake Card No.294 - Solid Snake (MGS4)
    Otacon Card No.295 - Otacon (MGS4)
    shrrr card no197 Sea Harrier ( us version )
    Ginormousj Emma's Parrot Card
    Gekko Gekko (US Version)
    NEXTGEN Get MGS4 card
    shinta Gives you card Gijin-san
    nojiri Gives you card Strand
    mgr Ishii Meguru
    aym Kinoshita Ayumi
    mk2 Metal Gear MK. II (MGS4) Card unlocked
    smoking No Smoking card (US Version)
    thespaniard possessed arm card
    gcl Reaction Block 119 Japanese version only
    tobidacid Solid Eye card (US/UK Version)
    ntm Unlocks Natsume Sano Card an Solid Eye Video
    Hnmt Unlocks Reiko Hinomoto card
    Mccy Unlocks the Roger McCoy card

    Contributed by: sailordth, SolidSnake14180, Saprol, Cloud_668, essence of halo, Couz1, Metal_Gear_EH, Tidus6135, bith_the_black, y2kmisty2000, The_Ocean, rogerlike, Appleseed629, Bill Rizer 

  4. Card pack Upgrades

    Complete the game once. Load your finished game save and play through the game again. At the points where you received the card packs, they will be upgraded into newer versions.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Upgrade Chronicle Pack Chronicle Unlimited pack
    Upgrade MGS1 Pack MGS1 Integral Pack
    Upgrade MGS2 Pack MGS2 Substance Pack
    Upgrade MGS3 Pack MGS3 Subsistence Pack

    Contributed by: ninjaTrigg 

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