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Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault Cheats For PC

  1. Hero Moment Objectives

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Do not miss any of the targets at the shooting range (Bootcamp B - Starting) 01) Cap from Boot Camp
    Rescue the West Virginia's XO (Pearl Harbor - W. Virginia Deck 2) 02) Burnt XO Cap
    Destroy transport truck w/ AA gun before crew unloads (Nightmoves - AA Gun) 03) Hood Emblem
    Rescue pilot (Mandown - Pilot Rescue) 04) Pilot Goggles
    Defend all allied rafts from enemy aircraft (Sitting Ducks - Return to Rafts) 05) Altimeter from Zero
    Help friendly fighters get airborne (Henderson Field - Escort Pilots) 06) Cactus Air Force Patch
    Save ammo runner (Bloody Ridge C - Starting) 07) Letter of Commendation
    Avoid detection by munitions squad and acquire portable MG (Guadalcanal - Lunga River) 08) Japanese Canteen
    Rescue Prisoners of War (Kokumbona Village B - Starting) 09) Busted Padlock
    Save Frank from Japanese Zero (Flyboys - Autosave05) 10) Life Jacket Dye Marker
    Take out AA gun crew before it destroys Allied plane (Tarawa B - Starting) 11) Large Meatball Flag

    Contributed by: TheDynamiteKid 

  2. Spawn items

    In game presss Alt+~ and enter "Spawn" with one of the spawn codes below

    Effect Effect
    weapons/m2frag_grenade.hag 1 M2 grenade
    weapons/us_demolitionpack.hag 3 Satchel charges
    weapons/us_axe.hag axe
    weapons/us_bar.hag BAR squad automatic weapon
    weapons/satchel_charge.hag block of C4
    weapons/jpnfrag_grenade.hag Japanese grenade
    weapons/Johnson.hag Johnson LMG
    weapons/sword.hag Katana sword
    weapons/m1_carbine.hag M1 Carbine
    weapons/us_garand.hag M1 Garand
    weapons/us_springfield.hag M1903 Springfield rifle
    weapons/us_colt45.hag M1911 Colt
    weapons/us45.hag M1917 Revolver
    weapons/jpn_44.hag M44 Carbine
    weapons/Reising.hag M55 Reising SMG
    weapons/jpn_model96lmg.hag M96 Lgm
    weapons/model97_sniper.hag M97 Sniper rifle
    weapons/nambu_pistol.hag Nambu pistol
    weapons/psyman.hag Phsys Manipulator (Secret weapon)
    weapons/us_riot.hag shotgun
    weapons/springfield_m1903_sniper.hag Springfield sniper rifle
    weapons/us_thompson_30.hag Thompson with 30 round magazine
    weapons/thompson.hag Thompson with 50 round drum
    weapons/type100_smg.hag Type 100

    Contributed by: commando8535 

  3. Console cheats

    Start the game with the command-line parameter "+set cheats 1 +set ui_console 1 +set developer 1".
    Example "C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Medal of Honor Pacific Assault(tm)\mohpa_setup.exe\" "+set cheats 1 +set ui_console 1 +set developer 1"
    Press ALT+~ to open the console.

    Effect Effect
    notarget Enemies Ignore You
    fullheal Full Health
    dog God Mode
    noclip No Clipping Mode
    maplist oad Any Level (double-click map name)
    fps 1 Show FPS
    wuss Tommygun and M1 Carbine

    Contributed by: PS2rulezs 

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