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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order Cheats For Nintendo Switch

  1. The 4th ISO-8 Slot

    You'll unlock your first three ISO-8 slots by just levelling characters, but the 4th slot requires you to unlock every single node on the Alliance Enhancement grid.

    Contributed by: Valkenhyne 

  2. 4th ISO-8 Slot

    The 4th ISO-8 slot is unlocked after acquiring all 18 keystone nodes in the Alliance Enhancement Grid. These are the 3 nodes in each tree that look slightly different from the other nodes. There are two 100-cost nodes and one 130-cost node.

    Contributed by: Leqesai 

  3. 5th ISO-8 Slot

    To unlock the 5th ISO-8 slot, simply level your character to 250. This must be done per character to unlock their 5th slot

    Contributed by: the_van_kid 

  4. 5th Rank for Abilities

    Once you complete the game on Superior difficulty you will unlock the 5 rank for all abilities. This change is universal and affects all characters, not just the ones used when completing the game.

    Complete the game on Superior difficulty 5th Rank for Abilities

    Contributed by: Leqesai 

  5. Unlockable Characters *spoilers*

    You'll unlock most characters by playing through the story, but here's how to unlock all the others!

    Clear the “Deadliest Prey” Gauntlet within the “Curse of the Vampire” DLC Blade
    Clear the "Towering Terror" Infinity Trial Colossus
    Clear the "Extermination Protocol" Infinity Trial Cyclops
    Clear the "Bad Business" Infinity Trial Elektra
    Clear the "Defeat Ebony Maw & 4 Bosses" Infinity Trial Loki
    Clear the "Defeat Klaw & 2 Bosses" Infinity Trial Magneto
    Clear the “Blood Moon Rising” Gauntlet within the “Curse of the Vampire” DLC Moon Knight
    Clear the “The Living Vampire” Gauntlet within the “Curse of the Vampire” DLC Morbius
    Clear the “Immortal War” Gauntlet within the “Curse of the Vampire” DLC Punisher
    Unlock Superior Difficulty and the Lambda infinity trials, then clear the "The Black Order" Infinity Trial Thanos

    Contributed by: BXBomber, kcansur721, Valkenhyne 

  6. Stars on the Save Menu

    Stars appear on your save state when you complete certain milestones in the game

    Beat the game Star 1
    Beat the game on Superior Star 2
    Beat the game on Ultimate Star 3
    Complete the Enhancement Grid Star 4
    Get every star in the 5 Infinity Rifts Star 5

    Contributed by: DDDDrova 

  7. Unlockable Difficulty Modes

    Note: Clearing Superior difficulty also unlocks some new rift trials and your 5th ability rank slots for your characters.

    Beat the story on any difficulty Superior difficulty
    Beat the story on Superior difficulty. Ultimate difficulty

    Contributed by: Valkenhyne