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Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again! Cheats For DS

  1. Bonus Levels

    There are quite a few levels you have to earn access to in the course of the game. Note: For the basement rooms, earning silver stars counts for bronze star requirements and earning gold stars counts for bronze and silver star requirements.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Earn 40 Bronze Stars Basement Room 1
    Earn 50 Bronze Stars Basement Room 2
    Earn 60 Bronze Stars Basement Room 3
    Earn 60 Silver Stars Basement Room 4
    Earn 70 Silver Stars Basement Room 5
    Earn 80 Silver Stars Basement Room 6
    Earn 80 Gold Stars Basement Room 7
    Earn 99 Gold Stars Basement Room 8
    Beat Room 4-Donkey Kong Plus Mode (Harder Difficulty)
    Beat Room 4-Donkey Kong Rooftop Rooms 1 through 6
    Beat Room 4-Donkey Kong in Plus Mode Rooftop Rooms 7 through 12
    Collect the nine letter cards for that floor Special Room

    Contributed by: JosephLithius 

  2. Construction Mode

    By playing through the game, you can unlock more and more Construction Kits for Construction Mode, allowing you to make better and more challenging levels. Note: You just have to beat Donkey Kong on each of the floors. You don't have to get a Star ranking on any of the rooms.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat Room 4-Donkey Kong in Plus Mode Expanded Jungle Rumble Kit
    Beat Room 3-Donkey Kong in Plus Mode Expanded Magnet Mania Kit
    Beat Room 1-Donkey Kong in Plus Mode Expanded Mini-Mayhem Kit
    Beat Room 2-Donkey Kong in Plus Mode Expanded Sandstone Stroll Kit
    Beat Room 4-Donkey Kong Jungle Rumble Construction Kit
    Beat Room 3-Donkey Kong Magnet Mania Construction Kit
    Beat Room 1-Donkey Kong Mini-Mayhem Construction Kit
    Beat Room 2-Donkey Kong Sandstone Stroll Construction Kit

    Contributed by: JosephLithius 

  3. Gold star on Main Game save file

    After receiving gold stars on all 100 levels, a gold star will appear in the lower right corner of your main game save file.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Get a gold star in all levels Gold star on save file

    Contributed by: Forteblast 

  4. Different Minis

    By beating Roof levels, you can unlock different Minis that can be used in the Main Game, or the Construction Zone. To use them in the main game, you must go to Options, then Showroom, then tap Character until the one you want is selected.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat Rooms R-7, R-8, and R-9. Mini Donkey Kong
    Beat Rooms R-10, R-11, and R-12. Mini Party (alternating Donkey Kong, Mario, Peach, and Toad)
    Beat Rooms R-4, R-5, and R-6. Mini Peach
    Beat Rooms R-1, R-2, and R-3. Mini Toad

    Contributed by: mootoast, Forteblast 

  5. Audio

    The game's audio can be listened to after beating normal mode.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat normal mode Music
    Beat normal mode Sound FX

    Contributed by: GastonRabbit 

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