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Mario Party: The Top 100 Cheats For 3DS

  1. Save file decorations

    Completing certain objectives adds decorations to your save on the file select screen.

    Collect all Minigame Island stars, all 100 Minigames, and every item in the Collection Badge
    Clear Minigame Island Hard Mode Banner

    Contributed by: Mingy Jongo 

  2. Extra Difficulties

    Beating Mini Game Island for the first time unlocks Mini Game Island (Hard). There are no differences beyond you MUST finish first in a mini game to proceed.
    Unlock the CPU's Master difficulty (above Very Hard) by coming in first in all 97 mini games in Mini Game Island, regardless of difficulty.

    Collect all 300 Mini Stars in Mini Game Island Master CPU Difficulty
    Beat Mini Game Island for the first time Mini Game Island Hard Mode

    Contributed by: TrooParannoya