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Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour Cheats For GameCube

  1. Hole in One Contest

    Hold Z and press start at the title screen to reveal ''Special Contests'' on the main menu. You will find it there.

    Contributed by: link02129 

  2. Unlock better versions of the available players

    In order to unlock the star versions of each player you must defeat them in a vs. character match when they have an envelope next to their character select symbol on the vs. screen. The star versions of the players can drive the ball a lot farther then their original counterparts

    Contributed by: LaZboY 

  3. Super Topspin and Super Backspin

    To do *Super Topspin* or *Super Backspin* when you are about to hit use manual, then when it comes back instead of hitting ''AA'' for Topspin hit ''AB'' for *Super Topspin*, and instead of hitting ''BB'' for Backspin hit ''BA'' and you will get *Super Backspin*.

    Contributed by: Needhelp384 

  4. Locate Pikmin at the courses.

    Go to a course with flower patches as part of the terrain. Aim for one of the flower patches and make sure that it hits down onto the flowers. If you do it correctly, tiny pikmin, from the game Pikmin, will fly out of the flower patch when the ball makes contact!

    Contributed by: thekingofthisgame 

  5. Unlock Courses

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat the Birdie Challenge Front 9. Birdie Challenge Back 9
    Win the Sands Classic. Blooper Bay
    Place 1st in the ''Peach's Invitational''. Bowser Championship
    Beat the front nine and back nine on Birdie Challenge Congo Canopy in Stroke Play
    Beat the front nine and back nine on One On, One Putt Congo Canopy Random Hole Mode
    Clear the intermediate level of a Side-game to unlock its Expert counterpart. Exert-Level Side Games
    Clear the beginner level of a Side-game to unlock its Intermediate counterpart. Intermediate-level Side Games
    Place 1st in the Blooper Open. Peach's Castle Grounds
    Complete the Cheep Cheep Tournament. Sands Classic
    Place first on all courses in Tournament mode. Star Tournament
    Complete the Lakuta Classic with any character. Unlock "Cheep Cheep Tournament" Course

    Contributed by: link02129, giantdonkeykongteam, CPaynster00, Mingy Jongo, GValko, jarrett4, Dagnillo 

  6. Tournament Greens

    In Star Tournament, you'll see blue green that are a bit harder to play on. If you win first place, you may use these greens on that same course whenever you want.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Win Blooper Star Open Blooper Bay T. Greens
    Win Bowser Star Championship Bowser Badlands T. Greens
    Win Cheep Cheep Star Tournament Cheep Cheep Falls T. Greens
    Complete One-On One Putt (All 18) Congo Canopy T. Greens
    Win Lakitu Star Cup Lakitu Valley T. Greens
    Win Peach's Star Invitational Peach's Castle Grounds T. Greens
    Win Sands Star Classic Shifting Sands T. Greens

    Contributed by: smatrilism, JimboXD 

  7. Unlock Characters

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Get 50 Best Badges Boo
    Complete the Birdie Challenge (front 9, back 9, and all 18) Bowser Jr.
    Complete all side games (besides birdie challenge) on beginner, intermediate, and expert. Petey Pirahna
    Complete Ring Shot Mode. Shadow Mario

    Contributed by: Renaman, giantdonkeykongteam, JoeCoolc3 III 

  8. Unlock Stages

    Hold Z and Start at the title screen. Go to Password Tournaments. Enter:

    Effect Effect
    9L3L9KHR Bowser Badlands Tour
    2GPL67PN Bowser Jr.'s Jumbo Tourney
    0EKW5G7U Camp Hyrule Tournament
    BJGQBULZ Hollywood Video Tour
    ELBUT3PX Peach's Castle Grounds Course
    GGAA241H Super Mario Open
    CEUFPXJ1 Target Tour Tournament

    Contributed by: nismojoe, kernelrocks, me frog, gamehack, GameMasterZer0, The Gamecube 

  9. Unlock Ace Computer Difficulty

    The unlock method is different for the Japanese and PAL version of the game. Also, it is called MAX in the Japanese version.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat Bowser's challenge in Character Match. Japanese and PAL Version
    Place first in every Star Tournament with all (non-GBA) characters. Doesn't matter if characters are in regular or Star form. North American Version
    Place first in every Star Tournament with ALL non-Star characters. North American Version

    Contributed by: Invader TAK, ShadowMario3 

  10. PAL Version Codes

    These codes will only work with the PAL versions.

    Effect Effect
    UN7N84JN K-Zone Cup (Lakitu Valley)
    RNLEGM2M Nintendo Australia Open (Blooper Bay)
    36NH7XNG Nintendo Official Magazine (UK) Competition
    T53534K2 TV Hits Tour (Shifting Sands)

    Contributed by: Mario maniac, laice 

  11. One-on, One-putt Sub-Game

    In the Sub-Game records, you'll notice an unfilled grid called ''One-on, One-putt.'' This is actually an unlockable challenge.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Complete One-On, One-Putt (Back 9) One-On, One-Putt (All 18 Holes)
    Complete One-On, One-Putt (Front 9) One-On, One-Putt (Back 9)
    Complete all three Birdie Challenges One-on, One-Putt (Front 9)

    Contributed by: QuartrGuy 

  12. Turn Off Simulation Line

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Place first in all star tournaments Turn off simulation line

    Contributed by: unr_stuart 

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