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Magic Carpet 2: The Netherworlds Cheats For PC

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    During gameplay, press I for chat, type WINDY, hit enter, then use keys to toggle the following.

    Effect Effect
    Shift+D Complete current objective
    Shift+C Complete level
    Alt+F3 Destroy enemy wizards
    Alt+F5 Destroys enemy balloons
    Alt+F4 Destroys enemy castles by one level
    Alt+F9 Free spell usage on/off
    Alt+F2 Generate 100000 mana
    Alt+F6 Instant Heal Full Health
    Alt+F10 Invincibility on/off
    Alt+F7 Kill all creatures
    Alt+F8 More spell experience points
    Alt+F1 Possess all spells

    Contributed by: Ecstacy2003 

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