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  1. Bonus FMV Sequences

    Complete the game after saving Morse, Hannah, Mac, Rose, and Hal. Then, insert the Disc 1 when prompted. Next, press Start to go to the title screen, wait for the words "Press Start Button" to appear and press X, Y, Z, A, B, C, L, R. Wait a few seconds until the secret FMV starts (if the regular intro plays instead, just restart the process). After the cutscene is over, you can repeat the code four more times to display different FMV sequences (there are 5 total).

    Contributed by: Justoid27 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
General FAQs FAQ/Walkthrough by Shotgunnova 20K
General FAQs Walkthrough by Jingai 9K
Maps and Charts Disc 1: Misty Town Map by Shotgunnova 45K
Maps and Charts Disc 2: City of Moons Map by Shotgunnova 71K