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Most Helpful Positive Player Reviews

  • Rating:8

    Quite possibly the most evil game ever created

    Bravo for another Indie developer. This game is something else even though it's a familiar genre. As you play you may recall such movies as The Omen, The Shining, The Exorcist and Final Destination, among others. ... Read Full Review

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  • Rating:2

    bad as expected.

    Lucius had everything to go wrong, and he did, it's a game that comes as bad adaptations of movies (if it is an adaptation, but it is undeniably identical to the movie The Omen of 1976 \ 2006), the story of the game is ... Read Full Review

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  • Rating:7.5

    Good game, but too linear and with no replay value.rn---Contains some spoilers---

    In Lucius you play the 6 year old boy Lucius, born on June 6th, 1966, who is visited by his real father, Satan. You get a notebook from him, giving you directions and hints on who you should sacrifice to him. The whole g... Read Full Review

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