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LoveKami: Useless Goddess Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievement

    View 100% of event scenes. 100%
    View 20% of event scenes. 20%
    View 40% of event scenes. 40%
    View 60% of event scenes. 60%
    View 80% of event scenes. 80%
    Clear all routes. All routes
    Clear Akane's route. Aragami
    Finish the common route. Common route
    Open the config screen. Config
    View the first event scene. First event
    Open the gallery. Gallary
    Clear Inori's route. Jimigami
    View the opening movie. Movie 1
    View the ending movie. Movie 2
    Open sound screen. Sound
    Complete first playthrough. Thank you!
    The first tip displays. Tips
    Clear Maika's route. Tsundere
    Begin the game. Welcome

    Contributed by: Jessica_Karna