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Lords of EverQuest Cheats For PC

  1. Codes

    Press ~ to open the console, then enter these codes:

    Effect Effect
    Coinage +1,000 Platinum
    BlingBling +10,000 Platinum
    AlllsRevealed All Campain Missions
    SuperShopper All Upgrades
    Help Displays Help
    LayOnHands Heal All Units
    ManaKing Inifinite Mana for Unit
    StaminaKing Inifinite Stamina for Unit
    SirKnight Knights Gain 1 Level
    LevelLord Lord Gains 1 Level
    IAmNotTheOne Lose Game
    Pause Pauses game
    Omniscience Removes Fog of War
    Gamma # Set Gamma to #
    MaxKnight Set Knights to High Level
    KingMe Set Lord to High Level
    PowerBurst Set Troops to High Level
    ManaBoost Set Units Mana to Max
    StaminaBoost Set Units Stamina to Max
    MenuBar Toggles Menu Bar
    LetThemEatCake Troops Gain 1 Level
    IAmTheOne Win Game

    Contributed by: Starky27