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La Pucelle: Tactics Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Powerful Dark World items appear in the item shop for purchase

    Go into the item shop and buy ALL the items they have, this will cause the merchant to have items delivered from their Dark World branch. select buy again to see the new items. To get the Dark World Items again you will have to buy out all the normal items again.

    Contributed by: Nanoframe 

  2. Obtaining the Angel Shoes

    In chapter 4 you must defeat the gaint whale enemy the first time you encounter it. You can only do this the first time out of the two times you enter a battle with it. After you complete chapter 4 you'll net yourself the a special ending rank, 50k price and the Angel Shoes.
    Besides using a cheating device the Angel Shoes can only be gotten this way so if you don't do this you'll miss them for good.

    Contributed by: Game Jester 

  3. Two movement exploits

    The first movement trick is fairly simple: If you enter the Base Panel, and leave, you can move whatever your move is from the Base Panel. This can be used in some situations to expand movement range.
    The second, however, is a bit more complex: Equip some move-increasing items, move, and re-equip what you had before prior to attacking. With the Warp Engine, you can use this to give effectively infinite Move to all your characters! This is very useful for setting up multi-miracles.

    Contributed by: jvtruman 

  4. Changing enemy directions for easy miracles.

    This glitch is used to change the enemy's direction in order to easily gain access to easy miracles.

    Step 1- pick a character and enter the item menu.

    step 2- pick any item

    step 3- when you are given the option to choose a character to give the item to, highlight an enemy instead.

    step 4- when the enemy is highlighted, do not press the accept button. Instead, cancel the command until you reach the first menu.

    step 5- when you reach the first menu, pick the "change direction" command.

    You'll now notice that you will be able to change the direction of the enemy. Use this to change the direction of all the enemies you wish to change. This will allow you use them to easily produce miracles without the hassle of placing changeups under the enemies who happen to block the circle.

    Contributed by: SalamanderXVII 

  5. Forest Lord Skill

    To get the Forest Lord skill for Prier, you must first have the Forest Lord's child, obtainable by getting the Bad Ending for the Chapter 3. Go back after the chapter, to the last map of Meuniere Forest to get the Lord's child to join you. After getting the Lord's child, train him up to level 20, and then return to the last map of Meuniere Forest again, a cutscene will follow and the Lord's child will leave the party but in return, let's Prier gain the "Forest Lord" Skill which summons the Lord's child in battle, and he transforms to the size of the former Forest Lord and do some slashes.
    This skill costs 60 sp to use but is a pretty decent skill. Note that you cannot lose the Child during training(happiness level 1) or you will not be able to get the skill forever. Also, you have to train him to level 20 BEFORE getting on Homard's Ship or it will be a long time before you can continue the procedure of getting the skill. This is because once you board Homard's ship, you will not be able to access the main land, therefore not being able to access Meuniere Forest.

    Contributed by: PrinnyWin 

  6. Multiple Robot Suits

    Normally you can only get one of these by purifying and killing Baal at The God's Ordeal. If you return to the map afterwards, Baal no longer has the Robot Suit equipped.
    The exception to this is if you have a full inventory when you purify and kill him. Instead of dropping the Robot Suit, Baal joins your party with it equipped. Now when you return to the map, the Baal there still has a Robot Suit. You can then repeat the process to get as many Robot Suits as you like.
    The glitch also works on the Zombie King in the Cave of Trials, should you wish to get multiple Godhands. However, you will not be able to access The God's Ordeal until you get the Godhand in the normal way.
    Note that this glitch was partially fixed in the PAL version, preventing you from getting more than one Robot Suit. You can still use it to get multiple Godhands though.

    Contributed by: Reinbach_III 

  7. Unlockable Areas

    Unlockable Unlockable
    After leaving and then returning to the main continent for the first time the hidden cave will open to reveal the Cave Of Trials and its 5 levels. Cave Of Trials
    Complete the Cave of Trials Dark Shrine 2

    Contributed by: SephirothYuyX, jvtruman 

  8. Lord of Terror Baal and Eringa Baal (PAL and JAP re-release ONLY)

    These two bosses were not in the original USA or JAP NTSC releases, but were added to the Japanese re-release and the PAL release.
    Please note that, unlike Capricorn Baal, these forms are NOT obtainable.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Defeat Lord of Terror Baal Eringa Baal
    Clear Dark Shrine 2 Lord of Terror Baal

    Contributed by: Exu 

  9. Unlockable Area - True Baal Castle

    This is available in the PAL version of the game.
    Once unlocked, it will show up to the left of New Baal Castle on the map.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Get Prier's Overlord title and beat Phantom Baal (Eringa) True Baal Castle

    Contributed by: Reinbach_III 

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La Pucelle: Tactics Cheats For PSP

  1. Start in Overlord Prier's Story (JP)

    At the title screen place the cursor on "New Game" (First option) and press Triangle, Square, X, Triangle, Square, X, Circle. You will hear Prier say something and will start in Overlord Prier's story mode.

    Contributed by: Shen54