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Kurohyou: Ryu ga Gotoku Shinshou Cheats For PSP

  1. Unlock Fighting styles

    In the beginning of the game, you have the street brawling fighting style (喧嘩) from the start. Brawl will be the translation used for the style. Some fighting styles are unlocked via story events, substories and leveling up other styles.

    Complete substory "Reunion with Yuki" in chapter 4 Ancient Martial Arts (古武術)
    Have both Jiu Jutsu and Ancient Martial Arts at least up to level 3 Bajiquan (八極拳)
    You get it at the start of chapter 2 Boxing (ボクシング)
    Have both Ancient Martial Arts and Karate at least up to level 3 Chinese Kenpo (中国拳法)
    Have Brawl at level 5, MMA at level 3 and Weapon Mania at level 3 Extreme Awakening (覚醒の極み)
    Have Wrestling at level 5, Weapon Mania at level 3 and Lucha at level 3 Extreme Fortitude (不屈の極み)
    Have Karate to level 5, Chinese Kenpo to level 3 and Fighting Martial Arts to level 3 Extreme God Legs (神脚の極み)
    Have Boxing at level 5, Muay Thai to level 3 and Fighting Martial Arts to level 3 Extreme Hard Arm (剛腕の極み)
    Have all fighting styles at max Extreme Man (極めし者)
    Have Jiu Jutsu at level 5, Bajiquan at level 3 and MMA at level 3 Extreme Softness (柔剛の極み)
    Have Ancient Martial Arts at level 5, Bajiquan at level 3 and Chinese Kenpo at level 3 Extreme Wild Dance (乱舞の極み)
    Have both Boxing and Karate at least to level 3 Fighting Martial Arts (格闘武術)
    During the events of chapter 8 Jiu Jutsu (柔術)
    Complete substory "Fujimoto's Thanks" from chapter 5 Karate (空手)
    Have both Brawl and Wrestling at least to level 3 Lucha (ルチャ)
    Have both Jiu Jutsu and Brawl at least up to level 3 MMA (総合格闘技)
    Have both Brawl and Boxing at least to level 3 Muay Thai (ムエタイ)
    Have both Wrestling and Brawl up at least up to level 3 Weapon Mania (武器マニア)
    Complete substory "Conclusion with Hyuga" from chapter 7 Wrestling (プロレス)

    Contributed by: blackwind677 

  2. Unlocking Deathblows

    Deathblows are your chargeable special attacks throughout the game with a punch and a kick variant separately. When they're unlocked they can be bought from the Tsukahara Dojo located in the alley near the drugstore.
    The deathblows you start off in the game is the punch deathblow Burning Straight (ぶん殴りストレート) and the kick deathblow Kenka Kick (喧嘩キック) and Step Middle Kick (ステップミドルキック) is available for purchase

    Unlock Lucha fighting style Kick - Body Sobat (ボディソバット)
    Password: 15683494 Kick - Brazilian Kick (ブラジリアンキック)
    Unlock Extreme God Legs fighting style Kick - Dive Kick (飛び込み蹴り)
    Unlock Extreme Man fighting style Kick - Dragon Kick (ドラゴンキック)
    Unlock Chinese Kenpo fighting style Kick - Flying Legs (飛翔脚)
    Unlock Extreme Wild Dance fighting style Kick - Haichu-kyoku Turning Kick (八極回し蹴り)
    Complete substory "The Super Beautiful Airborne killing method of Suzuki Hajime" from chapter 9 Kick - High Drop Kick (ハイドロップキック)
    Unlock Muay Thai fighting style Kick - High Side Kick (ハイサイドキック)
    Complete substory "One-shot Special Legend Zenkō Kinugasa" from chapter 5 Kick - Hook Kick (裏胴回し蹴り)
    Complete substory "10-dan fighter, Kentaro Horii" from chapter 1 Kick - Jumping High Kick (ジャンプハイキック)
    Complete substory "A second-hand book like a secret fist" from chapter 10 Kick - Jumping Hunting Kick (飛び首狩り蹴り)
    Unlock Fighting Martial Arts fighting style Kick - Rolling Middle (ローリングミドル)
    Complete substory "The best technique buried in history, Goro Kimura" from chapter 4 Kick - Smart High Kick (スマートハイキック)
    Complete substory "Mr.Pro Wrestling Rintaro Yoshimura" from chapter 7 Kick - Super Beast High Kick (超獣ハイキック)
    Password: 66651977 Kick - The Abaishio (ジ・アバイシィオ)
    Complete substory "Undefeated Takashi Nakamura" from chapter 6 Kick - Vacuum Jumping Knee (真空飛び膝蹴り)
    Complete substory "Conclusion with Hyuga" from chapter 7 Kick - Zetsugi: Accel Rage (絶技・アクセルレイジ)
    Buy from the Ebisuya Pawn shop for 240,000 yen Kick - Zetsugi: Resonating Flame Leg (絶技・烈空炎舞脚)
    Complete substory "Settlement" from chapter 9 Kick - Zetsugi: Rising Gale (絶技・ライジングゲイル)
    Unlock Bajiquan Fighting style Punch - Breakthrough (八極打開)
    Unlock Extreme Softness fighting style Punch - Hook Punch (喧嘩フックパンチ)
    Complete substory "Lowkick demon Masayuki Sada" from chapter 3 Punch - Thai Elbow (ムエタイエルボー)
    Unlock Extreme Hard Arm fighting style Punch - Broken Fist (崩拳)
    Complete substory "Polished infinite Hell Kohei Sato" from chapter 8 Punch - Charge Tackle (チャージタックル)
    Unlock Extreme Fortitude fighting style Punch - Double Upper Blow (ダブルアッパーブロー)
    Unlock Weapon Mania fighting style Punch - Hard Arm Hook Punch (剛腕フックパンチ)
    Unlock Karate fighting style Punch - Karate Seiken-zuki (空手正拳突き)
    Complete substory "The Phantom left Satoshi Tamura" from chapter 2 Punch - Knuckle Blow (ナックルブロー)
    Password: 50870985 Punch - Marshall Blow (マーシャルブロー)
    Unlock Extreme Awakening fighting style Punch - Marshall Body (マーシャルボディ)
    Unlock Wrestling Fighting style Punch - Rolling Lariat (ローリングラリアット)
    Password: 84208433 Punch - Shousuida (掌酔打)
    Unlock Boxing fighting style Punch - Step Straight (ステップストレート)
    Unlock Ancient Martial Arts fighting style Punch - Straight Palm (ストレート掌打)
    Unlock MMA Fighting style Punch - Swinging Straight (振りかぶりストレート)
    Unlock Jiu Jutsu Fighting style Punch - Upper Palm (アッパー掌打)
    Story event at chapter 4 Punch - Zetsugi: Bunker Knuckle (絶技・バンカーナックル)
    Buy for 30,000 chips at the Ryugujo casino Punch - Zetsugi: Gatling Rage (絶技・ガトリングレイジ)
    Collect all 101 cats (chapter 10) Punch - Zetsugi: Ogre Fang (絶技・王牙(オーガ))

    Contributed by: blackwind677 

  3. Unlockable Bonuses

    Enter these codes at the main menu to unlock special goodies in your single player and multi-player gameplay.

    32631925 Unlocks cabaret girl item "Blazer (beige)" in Don Quijote
    40187701 Unlocks cabaret girl item "China Dress" in Don Quijote
    32145222 Unlocks cabaret girl item "Maid Outfit (pink)" in Don Quijote
    09566953 Unlocks Edit Parts: Ace Cook Cap, Ace Cook T-Shirt
    75323457 Unlocks Edit Parts: Ace Cook Parker (sweater), Ace Cook Pants
    91376721 Unlocks Edit Parts: Cap Front D, B-type Tank Top Logo, B-type Half - Color Fading
    01831970 Unlocks Edit Parts: Doo-rag, B-type Long Sleeves - Checkered, B-type Tongue Sticking Out Camouflauge
    96315103 Unlocks Edit Parts: Long C, Popped-up Collar Short Sleeved Shirt - Flower Pattern, Cargo Half Pants Cargo
    83326310 Unlocks Edit Parts: Long D, Tank Top - Leopard Pattern, Tights - Colored Pants
    54507515 Unlocks Edit Parts: Onii-style C, 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt Hanya, Cargo Pants in
    99438053 Unlocks Edit Parts: Onii-style G, Parker (sweater) - Skull, Tight-In Zipper Denim
    09626414 Unlocks Edit Parts: Onii-type D, Long Sleeved Shirt - Leather, Cropped Pants - Denim
    77966173 Unlocks Edit Parts: Pony Tail A, Collar Jacket - Leather, Leather Pants
    25953543 Unlocks Edit Parts: Rockabilly A, School Uniform rolled-up, School uniform sneakers
    97888599 Unlocks Edit Parts: Sides-Cropped Hair, Down Vest, Cargo Pants Cargo
    15683494 Unlocks the ability to learn special attack "Brazillian Kick" at the dojo
    50870985 Unlocks the ability to learn special attack "Marshall Blow" at the dojo
    84208433 Unlocks the ability to learn special attack "Shousuida" at the dojo
    66651977 Unlocks the ability to learn special attack "The Abaisio" at the dojo

    Contributed by: Aerith