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Kurohyou 2: Ryu ga Gotoku Ashura Hen Cheats For PSP

  1. Unlock fighting styles of the last two bosses of Kurohyou 1

    Start the game detecting a cleared save file for Kurohyou - Ryu Ga Gotoku: Shinshou to unlock the fighting styles 極めし者・泰山(Extreme Man - Taizan) and 極めし者・新城(Extreme Man - Shinjou.) The game at the start will inform you that it has picked up the save file and you'll be able to select both of them when selecting fighting styles.

    Contributed by: blackwind677 

  2. Unlock Fighting styles in Story mode

    At the start of the game, you'll start with two fighting styles Brawl (喧嘩) and Boxing (ボクシング). Some fighting styles are unlock via story events, substories and leveling up other styles.

    Have both Tsukahara-style Ancient Martial Arts and Boxing at level 5 Army Fighting (軍隊格闘術)
    Enter Password: 05193704 Brawl: Tenma (喧嘩・天馬)
    Have both Jiu Jutsu and Lucha at level 5 Chinese Kung-fu (中国武術)
    Have both Pankration and Chinese Kung-fu at level 5 Extreme Awakening (覚醒の極み)
    Have Pankration at level 10 Extreme Fortitude (不屈の極み)
    Have both Tsukahara-style Karate and Chinese Kung-fu at level 5 Extreme God Legs (神脚の極み)
    Have both Pankration and Tsukahara-style Karate at level 5 Extreme Hard Arm (剛腕の極み)
    Have Tsukahara-style Karate at level 10 Extreme Instant Shock (瞬撃の極み)
    Have all the "Extreme" styles at max (because not all styles have to be at level 10 and level 5 is considered a "max for most styles) Extreme Man (極めし者)
    Have a cleared save file of Kurohyou 1 Extreme Man: Shinjou (極めし者・新城)
    Have a cleared save file of Kurohyou 1 Extreme Man: Taizan (極めし者・泰山)
    Have Chinese Kung-fu at level 10 Extreme Wild Dance (乱舞の極み)
    Have both Wrestling and Tsukahara-style Ancient Martial Arts at level 5 Jiu Jutsu (柔術)
    Have both Wrestling and Brawl at level 5 Lucha (ルチャ)
    Have both Brawl and Boxing at level 5 MMA (総合格闘技)
    Complete substory "Information Fee from Senshu" from chapter 7 Muay Thai (ムエタイ)
    Have both MMA and Army Fighting at level 5 Pankration (パンクラチオン)
    Story event at chapter 8 after fighting Ryusho Kuki Self-Taught custom style (我流)
    Complete substory "The Hungry King" from chapter 5 Sumo (相撲)
    Chapter 2 story event Tsukahara-style Ancient Martial Arts (塚原流古武術)
    Have both Sumo and Muay Thai at level 5 Tsukahara-style Karate (塚原流空手)
    Chapter 3 story event Wrestling (プロレス)

    Contributed by: blackwind677 

  3. Password Bonuses

    Enter these in the passwords section from the main menu.

    94173918 Unlocks 3 character edit parts: Chile Chile Perm, Butterfly Sukajan, cargo belt pants
    05193704 Unlocks fighting style: Brawl - Tenma
    60188436 Unlocks item: Catenathio Breath NEO
    39163728 Unlocks item: Emperor Fist Bangle
    90399501 Unlocks item: Emperor Kick Anklet
    41793062 Unlocks item: Fudo myoo belt
    50817402 Unlocks item: Strong Breath
    59752036 Unlocks kick deathblow: Mountain sword kick
    26084993 Unlocks kick deathblow: Sledge front kick
    71837239 Unlocks punch deathblow: Jet Body Type
    89400371 Unlocks punch deathblow: Thor's Hammer

    Contributed by: blackwind677 

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