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Kirby Super Star Ultra Cheats For DS

  1. Mario Characters in King Dedede Battle

    When you are battling the final boss of Spring Breeze (King Dedede), if you go to the far left and right of the arena, you can spot characters from Mario games.

    Contributed by: fancyb 

  2. Alternate Game Select Screen Music

    To unlock different music for the Game Select screen (the Corkboard), beat The Arena once.

    Contributed by: DarthGreenGrape 

  3. Secret HAL Room

    On Revenge of the King, if you go to Stage 2, there is a secret room with the word HAL spelled out. To find it, go to the area with the stone switch. When you hit the switch, and the blocks break, go to the left and press up. There should be a door there. When you go through, you will face a mini-boss. Beat him and continue to the right, Soon, you should get to a room with blocks spelling out HAL, along with an Invinsible Candy.

    Contributed by: Noke0 

  4. Golden Frame on Corkboard

    If you get 100% in your file, the Corkboard will have a golden frame around it

    Contributed by: shyguy26 

  5. Unlock new games

    Complete the following tasks to fufill the requirements to unlock these games.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat Spring Breeze Dyna Blade
    Beat Spring Breeze Gourmet Race
    Beat 13 foes in The Arena. Helper to a Hero
    Complete The Arena. Megaton Punch
    Complete Revenge of the King. Meta Knightmare Ultra
    Beat Spring Breeze, Dyna Blade, The Great Cave Offensive,Gourmet Race, and Revenge of MetaKnight Milky Way Wishes
    Beat Spring Breeze, Dyna Blade, The Great Cave Offensive, and Gourmet Race Revenge of MetaKnight
    Complete Milky Way Wishes. Revenge of The King
    Clear Meta-Knightmare Ultra. Samurai Kirby
    Clear The First six games. Sound Test
    Complete Milky Way Wishes. The Arena
    Beat Spring Breeze The Great Cave Offensive
    Complete The Arena, Helper to Hero, Revenge of the King and Meta Knightmare Ultra The True Arena

    Contributed by: schloopysnoopy, ThePienator, lolman7712 

  6. Unlockable Bonus Films

    Throughout the course of the game you can unlock little films in the Theater mode where you can watch hidden videos in the game or the past cutscenes. Below is the film name and how to unlock them.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Play through Dyna Blade Dyna Blade
    Play through Revenge of the King Flying Fortress Kabula
    Complete Revenge of Meta Knight Friends and Sun
    Play through Gourmet Race Gourmet Race
    Simply watch the opening of the game Grand Opening
    Play through the Great Cave Offensive Great Cave Offensive
    Beat the Great Cave Offensive Great Escape-Hero Up High
    Play through Revenge of Meta Knight Halberd Scenes 4-6
    Play through Revenge of Meta Knight Halberd Scenes 1-3
    Play through Revenge of Meta Knight Halberd Scenes 7-9
    Complete Milky Way Wishes Kirby's Triumphant Return
    Defeat Dyna Blade Live Healthy
    Play through Milky Way Wishes Marx's Mad Plan
    Play through Milky Way Wishes Milky Way Wishes
    Beat Helper to Hero with every helper Original Kirby Movies
    Play through Revenge of Meta Knight Revenge of Meta Knight
    Play through Revenge of the King Revenge of the King
    Play through Spring Breeze Spring Breeze
    Complete Milky Way Wishes Staff Credits
    Play through Milky Way Wishes To the Battlefield
    Defeat King DeDeDe in Spring Breeze Tomorrow's Wind
    Complete Helper to Hero as all of the helpers Video 00
    Complete Meta Knightmare Ultra Video 31
    Complete The True Arena Video 34
    Complete 100 percent of the game Video 35

    Contributed by: ConeZoneCBE, SkaduBaas, VinceyPie, Poobert_Wilson 

  7. Sound test

    After completing Milky Way Wishes, you unlock the sound test. It lets you lisen to all the songs and sounds in the game

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Complete Milky Way Wishes Sound Test

    Contributed by: imdawinner 

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