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Katana Kami: A Way of the Samurai Story Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    Discover the Forest Labyrinth. A Strange Forest
    Expand your wardrobe and closet. Bonus
    Defeat an enemy while prostrated. Bowing Kill
    Collect 100 types of swords. Collector
    Clear Mahoroba. Demon Slayer
    Discover Dojima's secret. Dojima's Secret
    Create a sword. First Forge
    Defeat an enemy for the first time. First Kill
    Learn your first skill. First Lesson
    Unlock the Booming Business state. Great Business
    Marry Nanami. Holy Matrimony
    Get a 100-hit combo. Hundred Oni Strike
    Learn all Iai Stance skills. Iai Master
    Defeat 1000 enemies in Katana Time. Katana Time Expert
    Defeat 100 enemies with Bow Stance. King of Arrows
    Obtain all appearances. King of Fashion
    Complete 100 requests. King of Kindness
    Obtain all nicknames. King of Nicknames
    Defeat 100 enemies with Unarmed Stance. King of the Brawl
    Clear the Forest Labyrinth. Leaving the Forest
    Hire a bodyguard 100 times. Lonely
    Defeat Lord Datara. Lord Datara
    Move a total of 100 km. Love Will Save the World
    Learn all Lower Stance skills. Lower Master
    Ship a sword. Mail Order Life
    Learn all Middle Stance skills. Middle Master
    Build a gold Dojima statue. Monument
    Defeat Gamuran. Mysterious Ascetic
    Give a sword a title for the first time. Name Your Blade
    Learn all Ninja Stance skills. Ninja Master
    Complete a request for the first time. One Good Deed a Day
    Learn all One-hand Stance skills. One-hand Master
    Advance the war between factions. Open War
    Pay one installment. Pay Your Debts
    Collect all other trophies. Platinum Trophy
    Rescue Nanami from the debt collector. Reunion
    Defeat Kinugawa. Revived Boiled Octopus
    Discover the Phantom City. Second Jikai
    Defeat 1000 enemies with Kiwami. Seer Expert
    Hire Sensei. Sensei Has Arrived!
    Learn all Side Stance skills. Side Master
    Defeat Orochi. Snake God Exorcism
    Unlock all sword blueprints. Sword Professor
    Discover Mahoroba. The Challenge Never Ends
    Forge a sword for the first time. The Joy of Smithing
    Maximize Dojima's skill. The Legendary Swordsmith
    Hire a bodyguard for the first time. Tough Being Alone
    Clear the Phantom City. Treacherous Path
    Get Nanami taken away by the debt collector again. Uh Oh
    Learn all Upper Stance skills. Upper Master
    Take back your belongings from the Tsukumogami. What's Yours Is Mine

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