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Karnaaj Rally Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Unlockables

    Complete the career mode and you get 4 extra tracks and 3 extra cars in quick race and ghost mode.

    Contributed by: Proudfoot 

  2. Unlock tracks, cars, cash and more

    When you start a new game, select career mode and enter any of the following as your name to get the desired effect

    Effect Effect
    LEPPA Play as Mr. Leppa
    IDRULEZ Start with all tracks and cars available. Also givesa bonus race for carrer mode
    LIGA-I Start with level 2 tracks and cars. Also gives $2,000
    LIGA-II Start with level 3 tracks and cars. Also gives $3,000
    LIGA-III Start with level 4 tracks and cars. Also gives $4,000

    Contributed by: Arguro