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Judgment Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    Made 10 friends. A Friendly Guy
    Made 50 friends. A Guy Everybody Knows
    Made 30 friends. A Popular Guy
    Completed Chapter 8. Blowing the Lid Off
    Completed the game on LEGEND difficulty. Detective of Legend
    Won first place in every D-League race. Drone Champion
    Obtained all drone parts. Drone Enthusiast
    Flew the drone in first person mode for 60 seconds. Electronic Perspective
    Completed Chapter 10. Enemies of My Enemies
    A girl revealed her true feelings. Going Steady
    Cleared all of the side cases. Got to the Bottom of It
    Defeated the opponent in the side case, "A Final Request." He Just Doesn't Quit
    Saved Sugiura with less than 10 seconds left. Hung Jury
    Doubled your chips at L'Amant. I'll Make it Double
    Completed all KamuroGo City Missions. KamuroGo Guide
    Completed 30 KamuroGo City Missions. KamuroGo Local
    Achieved 100% completion of KamuroGo. Wow! KamuroGo Master
    Completed five stores in KamuroGo's Shop Missions. KamuroGo Shopper
    Completed all of KamuroGo's Shop Missions. KamuroGo Socialite
    Completed 10 KamuroGo City Missions. KamuroGo Tourist
    Completed 10 stores in KamuroGo's Shop Missions. KamuroGo Trendsetter
    Two girls revealed their true feelings. Ladies, Please
    Cleared 30 side cases. Local Detective
    Four girls revealed their true feelings. Now You're Just Bragging
    Found all the stray cats while in search mode during the main story. Oh Look, a Cat!
    Cleared 10 side cases. On the Case
    Sold 100 items to Ebisu Pawn. Pawn Star
    Ate all of Tomioka-san's homecooked meals. Pay Your Rent, Yagami
    Completed Chapter 12. Politics of Justice
    Got the password right on the first try. Professional Password Presenter
    Shopped 100 times. Retail Therapy
    Completed Chapter 4. Skeletons in the Closet
    Obtained 30 skills. Skill Dabbler
    Obtained all skills. Skill Master
    Obtained 60 skills. Skill Pro
    Completed all of the main story. Thank You!
    Entertained the customer flawlessly. The Art of Conversation
    Controlled the drone for over an hour. The Bird's the Word
    Presented the right evidence to the judge on the first try. The Final Nail
    Retrieved the money from the Horseplayer Detective. The Game is Afoot
    Played every arcade game. The Gamer Life
    Obtained all other trophies. The Greatest Detective
    Completed Chapter 6. The Kansai Factor
    Completed Chapter 2. Trust Issues
    Fully investigated Terasawa. Way Too Thorough!
    Completed all Dice & Cube courses and rules at Paradise VR. Yagami Party
    Obtained 50 pickups in Kamuro of the Dead. Zombie Apocalypse Survivor

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