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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    There are 33 Bronze Trophies, 10 Silver Trophies, 2 Gold Trophies and 1 Platinum Trophy.

    Recover health in the Dimension Wall 5 times. A Goddess was born in this world!
    Earn an S Rank in every Story battle. Battle Genius
    Complete Chapter 9 of Story Mode. Bow before my reality!
    Connect a combo of at least 40 hits. Di Molto! Great!
    Purchase at least 50 shop items. Drink some tea...and let's have a little chat...
    Complete 5 battles in Free Battle Mode. Fight club!
    Complete Chapter 1 of Story Mode. Gimme a break. That sounds absolutely insane
    Complete Chapter 11 of Story Mode. He will bring salvation to the human race!
    Win at least 10 Revenge Battles. Heh heh heh... no need to hold back!
    Fight in 5 online battles. piercing... You look much fiercer now.
    Activate a Style Action 25 times in battle. I believe you just shivered
    Collect at least 50 Kameyu Stickers. I can get anything I want!
    Fulfill 50 JoJolity conditions. I happen to be very familiar with video games..
    Complete Chapter 8 of Story Mode. I may be able to find a clue as to who I am!
    Win once in Cheating Poker. I-I can't speak...or breathe..!
    Complete your first Dramatic Finish. I'll just share this terrible omen with you..
    Fight in Free Battle Mode for the first time. I'm gonna pound you into shape!
    Complete Chapter 4 of Story Mode. I'm Jonathan Joestar!
    Complete 5 missions. It's been a difficult road. We couldn't have come this far without some luck
    Earn all trophies. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
    Acquire your first JoJolity. Just who am I...?
    Activate a Dual Combo 10 times. Let's go, JoJo!
    Finish off 5 opponents with DHAs. Let's put the final nail in the coffin.
    Complete Chapter 7 of Story Mode. My friends...the Corpse..I've lost everything
    Activate a Flash Cancel 5 times. Now you've got some fire in your eyes!
    Fight in an online battle for the first time. Only adventurers exist here!
    Complete Story Mode. Sorry for not paying attention...
    Complete Chapter 3 of Story Mode. T-Terrifying! The young Jotaro's terrifying!
    Complete all Dramatic Finishes. Tacos
    Purchase at least 150 shop items. Th-there are so many in this age...
    Complete Chapter 10 of Story Mode. That's all I have to say..
    Connect a combo of at least 60 hits. That's good! That's the BEST!
    Finish off all opponents with a DHA in a single battle. The winner! By a mile!
    Complete Chapter 6 of Story Mode. This man is my father!
    Throw 10 stage objects. Time to find out who this guy really is!
    Activate a Flash Burst 10 times. Time to get desperate!
    Activate a Guard Break 5 times. Weak, WEAK!
    Complete Chapter 5 of Story Mode. Who's this mangy old fart?
    Activate a DHA 10 times. You and me. Two Hamons!
    Fight in a 4-player online battle for the first time. You came prepared for this, right?
    Activate an EX Skill 10 times. You can attack that quickly, from so far away..?
    Activate a dual Combo Finish 5 times. You must be eliminated!
    Earn an S Rank in 5 Story battles. You're an experienced fighter...
    Complete Chapter 2 of Story Mode. You're Jean Pierre the turtle guy, right?
    Fulfill 100 JoJolity conditions. You've played this game a ton, haven't you?!
    Added all JoJo terms to the JoJo Glossary. Your memories are mine!

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