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Jake Hunter: Memories of the Past Cheats For DS

  1. Password List

    At the main screen, choose password and then enter them (all four letters words) with the typewriter. Passwords are listed in order.

    Effect Effect
    NEET Jake Hunter Quiz
    MISS Jake Hunter Series (Unused Character Profiles)
    NONE Jake Hunter Unleashed 01 Bonus
    ANGL Jake Hunter Unleashed 02 Bonus
    SNAP Jake Hunter Unleashed 03 Bonus
    DOOR Jake Hunter Unleashed 04 Bonus
    STOP Jake Hunter Unleashed 05 Bonus
    KING Jake Hunter Unleashed DS1 Bonus
    LEET Jake Hunter Visuals 1
    GONG Jake Hunter Visuals 2
    CARS Jake Hunter Visuals 3
    TREE Jake Hunter Visuals 4
    PAPA Jake Hunter Visuals 5
    BIKE Jukebox
    ROSE Movie Gallery
    HINT Password Hints
    MINU Side Character's Bonus Story
    AQUA Staff Comments 1
    MOTO Staff Comments 2
    AAAA What is a password?

    Contributed by: TaraChan 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
General FAQs FAQ/Walkthrough by Shotgunnova 68K
In-Depth FAQs Jake Hunter Unleashed Guide by Eastern_Phoenix 20K