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In-Fisherman Bass Hunter 64 Cheats For Nintendo 64

  1. Passwords

    Go to the Enter Cheat Code screen from the game options menu then enter the following.

    Effect Effect
    ALLDLAKES All lakes available
    ALLDLURES All lures
    GIMMEDVIEW Alternate view
    HEADADBIGA Big heads
    FISHMAN Catch Al Linder
    SUPERLURE Easy to catch fish
    SUPERLURE Easy to catch fish
    ALLDCASH Extra money
    HYPERBOAT Fast boat
    HAPPYFISH Fish are more active
    MONDOFISH Large fish
    WHEREDFISH Less fish
    NOCOMP No competitors
    NOPENALTY No penalties in tournament
    BAGDSNAGS No snags while fishing
    WHATADRAG Slow boat
    GIMMEDFISH Stock live well with fish
    RUBADUBDUB Turn boat into bathtub
    SUPERSTRING Unbreakable fishing line
    SILLYSOUND Weird sounds
    IWINIWIN Win tournament

    Contributed by: Rage012, alex cross, mypantsaresobaggy, Ben Zetlitz, ATadeo, XtremeGundamX, Viper_Diamond, KasketDarkfyre, nearperfectgamer 

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