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Hydro Thunder Hurricane Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Free Coins aka ''The Duck Glitch''

    If you do a local multiplayer match with at least one other person (so two humans) and have all the human players select the rubber ducky this will deactivate the computer controlled boats AI and they simply sit there or putter in circles.

    Contributed by: AustinYQM 

  2. Tempest Pack D.L.C. Achievements

    Jump through the hoop on top of the anchor monument in Bermuda Triangle. Anchors Aweigh
    Smash 7 statues in the Atlantis Gauntlet before the timer reaches 50 seconds. Art Critic
    Collect 110 hidden packages. Collector

    Contributed by: Paddi_L 

  3. Additional boat skins

    You accomplish this by winning certain races in each boat's respective level of difficulty unless otherwise specifically noted, uncovering all hidden packages during a specific race along the course, or win in an Xbox Live Multiplayer race. For the purposes of here, "Get Gold Medal" is replaced with "Win", because it's the same thing.

    Win Paris Sewers Gauntlet Banshee Alternate Skin 1 - Think About
    Find all Seoul Stream hidden packages Banshee Alternate Skin 2 - Ludwig
    Win Xbox Live Multiplayer Paris Sewers race Cutthroat Alternate Skin 1 - Corner Pocket
    Win Storming Asgard Ring Master Expert Cutthroat Alternate Skin 2 - Sizzle
    Find all Monster Island hidden packages Cutthroat Alternate Skin 3 - Stripped
    Win Lake Powell novice race Damn the Torpedoes Alternate Skin 1 - Big Top
    Find all Tsunami Bowl hidden packages Damn the Torpedoes Alternate Skin 2 - Buzzed
    Win Storming Asgard Gauntlet Miss Behave Alternate Skin 1 - Four of a Kind
    Find all Storming Asgard hidden packages Miss Behave Alternate Skin 2 - Reno
    Win Xbox Live Multiplayer Seoul Stream race Rad Hazard Alternate Skin 1 - All Your Base
    Win Lost Babylon Ring Master Expert Rad Hazard Alternate Skin 2 - Hawkeye
    Find all Area 51 hidden packages Rad Hazard Alternate Skin 3 - Saturn X
    Win Xbox Live Multiplayer Area 51 race Razorback Alternate Skin 1 - R.I.B.S.
    Win Lake Powell Ring Master Expert Razorback Alternate Skin 2 - Flower Power
    Find all Lost Babylon hidden packages Razorback Alternate Skin 3 - Cold Fire
    Win Storming Asgard race Thresher Alternate Skin 1 - Li'l Devil
    Win Tsunami Bowl Gauntlet Thresher Alternate Skin 2 - Irie
    Win Seoul Stream Ring Master Pro Tidal Blade Alternate Skin 1 - Bad Luck
    Find all Paris Sewers hidden packages Tidal Blade Alternate Skin 2 - Razzle Dazzle
    Win Tsunami Bowl Ring Master Vector Alternate Skin 1 - Pieces of Eight
    Find all Lake Powell's hidden packages Vector Alternate Skin 2 - One Way

    Contributed by: BSGPaul11, sabreman64 

  4. Achievements

    Earn 5,000 credits. Cha Ching!
    Hit one buoy at every checkpoint while racing Lake Powell and still take first. Ding Dong
    Earn a gold trophy in every event in the Single Player game. Golden Delicious
    Play a 4 way local Multiplayer race in which all the humans beat all the AI. Humans Gooood
    Earn a bronze trophy or better on every track in Single Player Race Mode. It's a Start
    Earn 100,000 credits. Loco For Thunder Pops
    Earn a bronze trophy or better in every event in the Single Player game. Medal Master
    Earn 10,000 credits playing online or local Multiplayer events. People Person
    Earn 1,000 credits. Spare Change
    Collect 80 hidden packages. Special Delivery
    Earn a bronze or better in any Single Player event. Splish Splash
    Take first in 10 online Multiplayer events. Taste My Wake

    Contributed by: R351D3NT3V1L4 

  5. Gamer Pictures

    Win a race Damn the Torpedoes Gamer Pic
    Earn 5,000 credits Razorback Gamer Pic

    Contributed by: Paddi_L 

  6. Avatar Awards

    Receive 800 points from events. Hydro Thunder Hurricane T-Shirt
    Earn 18,500 credits Razorback Toy Boat

    Contributed by: Guard Master, Tactical_Nuke