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Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee Cheats For PSP

  1. Easy Loyalty

    Select Challenge mode and pick match play (doesn't work with tournaments). When it is your turn press select and start to give up. Keep doing this for 3 matches and lose. You will get loyalty points even when you lose the match. Keep doing this to max out all the chatacter's loyalty.

    Contributed by: XiamhereX 

  2. Free power shots

    This trick allows you to get a free power shot: when doing a power shot, set the power and impact as you normally would, but the moment the club hits the ball (after setting the shot impact), press triangle. If this is timed perfectly, the power shot you are using won't decrease the number of power shots remaining. This does not affect the shot at all, and it doesn't have any negative consequences if done incorrectly. This must be used during a power shot or it won't work.

    Contributed by: phort99 

  3. Unlockable Characters

    Defeat any of these characters in a VS match in Challenge Mode to Unlock them

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Defeat in VS mode (Beginner) Alia
    Defeat in VS mode (Senior) CJ
    Defeat in VS mode (Silver) Holly
    Defeat in VS mode (Mid-rank) Julie
    Defeat in VS mode (Bronze) Logan
    Defeat in VS mode (Grand) Patricia
    Defeat in VS mode (Gold) Roger
    Defeat in VS mode (Novice) Shu

    Contributed by: XCommander 

  4. Unlockables

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Get to Beginner level in challenge mode Autumn Pagoda Coarse
    Get to the Silver Rank Dino Park Golf Course
    Get to Senior level in challenge mode Golden Desert Coarse
    Get the "Mid-Rank" Challenge Mode Rank Manual Record
    Get to Senior level in challenge mode Manual Replay Mode
    Win matches or tournaments with a star. Get enough stars to unlock the next rank. New Challenge Mode Ranks
    Get to Mid-Rank level in challenge mode Olive Coast Coarse
    Win matches/tornaments with a star. Once you gain enough stars you will unlock the next level Open new ranks for challenge mode(mid-rank, senior, ect.)
    Get up to the Grand Rank Royal & Links Country Club
    Get a Super Win against them vs a regular win(get a -3 before the match is over) Unlock 5th loyalty heart for a character
    Lose multiple matches/tornaments in a row in challenge mode. There is no negative to this and can be changed under the options menu. Unlock Easy Mode for Challenge Mode

    Contributed by: Ravid182, XCommander, knuckles_sonic8 

  5. New Caddies

    To be able to get the new caddies, perform the following task:

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Get the "Gold" Challenge Mode Rank Jon
    Get the "Grand" Challenge Mode Rank Lisa
    Get the "Mid-Rank" Challenge Mode Rank Mr. K

    Contributed by: knuckles_sonic8 

  6. Medals

    In order to get medals in your Medal Gallery, perform the following tasks:

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Get the "HSG Star" Rank Medal #1
    Sink the ball in with Super Backspin on any course Medal #10
    Sink the ball in with a Spiral Ball on any course Medal #11
    Sink the ball with a 60-Yard Putt on any course Medal #12
    Get the Platinum Challenge Rank Level Medal #2
    Unlock all the characters in the game Medal #3
    Get Maximum Loyalty Hearts with all characters Medal #4
    Complete Putting Challenge and Challenge Mode Medal #5
    Sink the ball in with a Hole-In-One on any course Medal #6
    Sink the ball in with a Double Eagle on a Par-5 Course Medal #7
    Sink the ball in by hitting the Pin on any course Medal #8
    Sink the ball in with Super Topspin on any course Medal #9

    Contributed by: knuckles_sonic8 

  7. Unlock Everything

    Enter the following code as your name when you start a new game.

    Effect Effect
    5TNEPO Unlocks Everything in the Game

    Contributed by: kidgame2001 

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