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  1. Pilot View on ships

    Relic managed to quietly sneak in the option to view a firefight from aboard the bridge of one of your ships in the 1.05b patch. Your game needs to be patched to this version. You will need to create and/or update a shortcut to the Homeworld exe - right-click your shortcut to bring up the options. Select Properties and in the box that comes up, scroll to the end of the target field, add a space and add "/pilotview" (without quotes) so that it shows something like this: ...\Sierra\Homeworld\homeworld.exe /pilotview Click OK to close that window. You've just enabled Pilot View! Within the Homeworld game, select a single ship and focus on it (the default focus key is F). Press Q to toggle pilot view and enjoy how a commander would see the 90s graphics! Please note - if you focus on another ship (when in pilot view), you'll jump to its pilot view. If you select a group of ships, you'll go back to the default view mode. Pressing Q will toggle between pilot and normal views. Now when you run Homeworld from the edited shortcut and focus on a single ship, hit Q to toggle pilot view on and off.

    Contributed by: Luigi and Tails 

  2. Parameter Cheats

    Add these to the shortcut parameters for Homeworld. If you're having problems getting them working, try replacing the slash with a dash (-).

    Effect Effect
    /1024 1024x768 resolution
    /1280 1280x1024 resolution
    /d16 16-bit color
    /1600 1600x1200 resolution
    /d24 24-bit color
    /d32 32-bit color (more precise 24-bit)
    /640 640x400 resolution
    /800 800x600 resolution
    /closeCaptioned Add subtitles
    /forceLAN Allow LAN play with any version
    /smCentreCamera Camera starts at (0,0,0) instead of the Mothership
    /debug Debug mode
    /noFilter Disables bi-linear filtering
    /ignoreBigfiles Disables bigfiles
    /captaincyLogOff Disables captaincy log files
    /noCompPlayer Disables computer players
    /NoFETextures Disables front-end textures
    /disableKatmai Disables KNI
    /noMinimize Disables minimize using Alt + Tab
    /nodebugInt Disables mode 3 error
    /disableAVI Disables movie sequences
    /logOff Disables network logging files
    /disablePacking Disables packed textures
    /noPause Disables pausing using Alt + Tab
    /nohint Disables perspective hints
    /noSmooth Disables polygon smoothing
    /noretreat Disables retreat tactics
    /noSound Disables sound effects
    /notactics Disables tactics
    /noSpeech Disables talking
    /nilTexture Disables textures
    /noBorder Disables window border
    /window Display game in window
    /captaincyLogOn Enables captaincy log files
    /dockLines Enables dock lines
    /gunLines Enables gun lines
    /logOn Enables network logging files
    /slowBlits Enables slow screen bits
    /logOnVerbose Enables verbose logging files
    /fullscreen Full screen mode (default)
    /gatherStats Gathers stats
    /statLogOn Generates stats log file
    /heap (int) Global memory heap size setter
    /determCompPlayer Harder computer opponents
    /lightLines Light lines in debug mode
    /aiplayerLog Logs AI
    /logFileLoads Logs data files loaded
    /intOnSync Make an int 3 when a sync error occurs
    /boxes Make bowties on ships
    /testNIS NIS testing using nisFile
    /testNISScript NIS testing using scriptFile
    /noShowDamage No damage effects
    /noBG No stars, asteroids, etc.
    /demoPlay Play a demo
    /packetPlay Play packet recordings
    /demoRecord Record a demo
    /packetRecord Record packets during multiplayer games
    /debugSync Records packets and saves frequently
    /sw Resets rendering systems to default
    /prepath x:\path Set path for opening files
    /CDpath x:\path Set path to CD-ROM
    /stipple Stipple alpha (renderer)
    /reverseStereo Swap speaker output
    /textFeedback Text feedback in game commands
    /truecolor Use 24-bit color
    /dsound Use direct sound driver
    /d3d Use Direct3D
    /freemouse Use F11 to toggle free mouse movement
    /forceKatmai Use KNI
    /gl Use OpenGL
    /device (sw|fx|d3d) Use rGL device
    /waveout Use waveout

    Contributed by: Junkie 

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