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Hatsune Miku and Future Stars: Project Mirai Cheats For 3DS

  1. Costume

    Select the song PV mode that is related to the Character. Watch it until the end menu appear. Any other Costume
    Get SS Rank (Perfect) in a song (Any difficulty) Mikurisutaru Costume
    Buy 10 costumes for Miku. Snow Miku Costume

    Contributed by: gema9923 

  2. Special Faces

    In the character select screen, there will be a negi button above some of the characters' names that will change their facial expression.

    Watch the ending Hachune Miku
    Wave the glow stick in sync with the ending Hero Kaito

    Contributed by: AlphusUltimus 

  3. Character

    Watch the following PV to unlock the characters. Character can be changed in option menu.

    Servant of Evil Len
    No Logic Luka
    On the rocks Meiko and Katio
    Daughter of Evil Rin

    Contributed by: gema9923 

  4. Misc

    Idle in the room screen for a few hours. New Room Designs
    Get SP ALL in all song (Any difficulty) Sound Effect Type 3 and 4
    Buy all costumes Use Mii in AR Live Mode

    Contributed by: gema9923