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Gun Gun Pixies Cheats For PlayStation Vita

  1. Gun Gun Pixies

    There are 35 Trophies total. There are 22 Bronze, 6 Silver, 6 Gold and 1 Platinum Trophy.

    Complete Chapter 6. A Turbulent Shadow
    Change the clothes of any Dorm Resident. Are You a Goddess?
    Get defeated by direct body attack from a Dorm Resident. Attack On Heroine
    Defeat 1 of every Squid Type. Close Encounters Of The Squid Kind
    Get a cumulative total of 10,000 hits. Combo Master
    See an ending for the first time. Congratulations!
    Pick all of the possible choices in the ADV parts. Destiny's Controller
    Get on a Dorm Resident's body during a Bathing Sequence. Dive To Heaven
    Get all of the possible endings. Dramatic Collector
    Complete Chapter 4. Exchange Students from Gamindustri
    Complete Chapter 1. First Mission Complete!
    Play Pacification Orders and shoot the Dorm Residents with Happy Bullets many times. Girls Therapist
    Wash the Dorm Residents many times during a Bathing Sequence. God Hand
    Obtain the Hookshot. It Can Stretch Quite Far!
    Get defeated by a Dorm Resident's Emotion Projectile. It's So Bright!
    Complete 10 different Orders with B-Tan. Leave It To B-Tan!
    Get a Rank S in all Orders, including Challenge. Legendary Heroine
    Complete Chapter 7. Orders and Choices
    Change the clothes of any Pixie Team Member. Pixie Practices
    Make a Dorm Resident's body part wiggle rhythmically. Sexy Bound
    Purchase all items in the Ship Deck Shop. Shopping Queen
    Complete Chapter 5. Sisterly Bonds
    Locate a lot of Investigation Points. Skilled Scouter
    Collect a total of One Million P-Coins. Space Millionaire
    Destroy over 500 squids, regardless of type. Squid Crusher
    Finished the first Pacification Order. Target Silenced!
    Complete Chapter 2. The "G" is Undoubtedly a Maiden's Enemy
    Complete Chapter 3. The Destroyer and her Friend
    Complete 10 different Orders with Kamepon. The Natural Result
    Get all of the other trophies. The Platinum Galaxy
    Trigger a Bathing Sequence with any Dorm Resident. The Wash Of Life
    Completed all Story and Challenge Orders. Training Course Completed
    Get a Pixie Team member's clothes damaged once. We Have A Big Problem!
    Complete Chapter 8. We Protected the Peace Here!
    Perform all possible Pixie Poses. You Seem to Like It Too...

    Contributed by: OshareKeiji