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Gubble Cheats For PC

  1. Codes

    Effect Effect
    Press End Go Back Ten Levels
    Press + Go Faster
    Press - Go Slow
    Press F8 Invincibility
    Press Page Up on a launch pad Level skip
    Press F3 Remove All Block
    Press Home on a launch pad Skip Ten Levels
    Press F9 Skip to Next Stage

    Contributed by: XeroXtancy 

Gubble Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Remove all obstacles

    At the title screen, press triangle, up, square, right, X, down, circle, and left. You will then hear a a noise to confirm the code. Now start a game and when the map screen appears, press R2 to take out all the obstacles. During the game, press R1 to clear any stage.

    Effect Effect
    Triangle, up, square, right, X, down, circle and left. Clears all obstacles.

    Contributed by: Baseman