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Geneforge 3 Cheats For PC

  1. Misc. cheats

    Press shift+D during play and then enter the cheat and press enter.

    Effect Effect
    Clearallsects Erases all opinions of you.
    exitzone Exit your current area.
    iwanttobestronger Gives you more XP, but the more you use it the less you get.
    healmenow Heals you and all of your creations.
    dbugkill Kills all hostile enemies in your current area.
    forgiveme Makes friendly towns forget all your minor crimes.
    ihateserviles Makes people think you helped the shapers all along.
    iloveserviles Makes people think you've helped the rebels all along.
    pleaselikeme Makes towns forget all your crimes. (Some crimes can't be forgotten, killing major characters and such).
    rechargeme Recharges you and all of your creations essence and energy.

    Contributed by: Nevon 

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General FAQs FAQ/Walkthrough by Matt P 169K