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Freecell (1992) Cheats For PC

  1. Instant Victory

    At any time during the game enter the following code....

    Ctrl + Shift + F10

    A screen with three options will appear, choose Abort then make a play and you should win the game.

    Contributed by: Mike Truitt 

  2. Hidden games

    From the game menu, choose 'Select game'. Enter -1 or -2 when the game asks you to enter a number.

    Contributed by: alaskanpie 

  3. 100% Statistic

    If you force close a near dead end game in task manager, it does not count as a lose against you. You must wait for and click the "End Now" option. Do not click Yes in the "Resign This Game" box or it will count as a loss.

    Contributed by: WhiteWollf 

  4. Instant Win Shuffle

    When you start up a new game, go to the menu and choose Select Game. When prompted to choose the number of the game, type either -3 or -4. The game will automatically shuffle the cards in a way that makes it impossible for you to lose.

    Effect Effect
    Go to the Select Game menu and type in -3 or -4. Instant Win Shuffle

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

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