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Fire Emblem: Awakening Cheats For 3DS

  1. Renown Awards

    Gain instant and free access to these items after clearing Chapter 3 and having a certain amount of "Renown" which is gained by completing non-DLC battles [10 for Story or Skirmish, 50 for Spotpass or Streetpass battle, and various amounts for Double Duel]. They can be obtained once per file, and Renown is not spent by obtaining these items. Clear the final chapter to carry over Renown to new files.

    8000 Renown Alm's Blade
    400 Renown Beast Killer
    1800 Renown Bolt Axe
    50000 Renown Boots
    1000 Renown Bullion (L) [10000 Gold]
    550 Renown Celica's Gale
    3500 Renown Dracoshield
    330 Renown Energy Drop
    810 Renown Ephraim's Lnce
    50 Renown Glass Sword
    900 Renown Goddess Icon
    10000 Renown Gradivus
    7250 Renown Hector's Axe
    2600 Renown Innes's Bow
    1500 Renown Leif's Blade
    270 Renown Levin Sword
    720 Renown Longbow
    3000 Renown Mercurius
    9000 Renown Micaiah's Pyre
    30000 Renown Naga's Tear
    4000 Renown Noble Rapier
    150 Renown Orsin's Hatchet
    5000 Renown Parthia
    100 Renown Second Seal
    630 Renown Secret Book
    210 Renown Seed of Trust
    2200 Renown Seraph Robe
    5750 Renown Sigurd's Lance
    1200 Renown Speedwing
    470 Renown Spirit Dust
    99999 Renown [Max] Supreme Emblem [99999 Gold]
    6500 Renown Talisman
    4500 Renown Tiki's Tear

    Contributed by: Huff N Puff 20 

  2. Unlock Lunatic+ Mode

    Complete the game on Lunatic. Lunatic+

    Contributed by: Westbrick 

  3. Extended Extras Menu

    Unlocking the Theater,Support Log, and Unit Gallery in the Extras Menu.

    Beat the game once Support Log
    Beat the game once Theater
    Beat the game once Unit Gallery/Sound Test

    Contributed by: KenchiHouAL3 

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