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Falcon Age Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    Pet Falcon for 1 Minute Affectionate
    Collect All Produce Birdfeeder
    Score Par or better in Lightning Golf Birdie?
    Craft Goat Snack Chevon
    Craft Lizard Snack Cold Cut
    Defeat a Sentry Disassemble
    Reclaim Refinery Eliya Eliya
    Return to the Desert Fly Free
    Farm for the first time Garden Bird
    Defeat a Drone Grounded
    Defeat a Heavy Sentry Heavy Metal
    Feed your Falcon a crafted snack Home Cooked
    Craft Rabbit Snack Hopped Up
    Complete Bomb Minigame Hot Drop
    Feed Spicy Food while wearing the Dragon Helmet Hot Wings
    Craft Chicken Snack Mahawa Fried Chicken
    Collect all Trophies Master Falconer
    Open a Buried Lockbox Nighthawk
    Escape Prison Open Sky
    Craft Fox Snack Outfoxed
    Equip Falcon in Formal Wear Penguin
    Port Loop Resuce Port Loop
    Complete Fetch Minigame Raptor Retriever
    Blow up Spider Spawner with a Spider Bomb Return to the Nest
    Defeat a Sandwolf Sand Queen
    Falcon flyby drop item in hand Sky Delivery
    Falcon flyby grab item from hand Snatched
    Reclaim Refinery Uda Uda
    Reclaim Refinery Uva Uva

    Contributed by: Mookiethebold