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Expeditions: Viking Cheats For PC

  1. Console Commands

    In the overworld map (not during battles), press the Console key (check in controls for key) and type one of the following commands as listed. Where the code contains a #, replace it with the amount you want.

    setmorale (firstname) #
    giveherbs # Gives Herbs
    givemeat # Gives Meat
    givemedicine # Gives Medicine
    givemetal # Gives Metal
    giveoil # Gives Oil
    giverations # Gives Rations
    giverope # Gives Rope
    givevaluables # Gives Valuables
    givewood # Gives Wood
    tordenskjold Heals all injured followers

    Contributed by: Blightbourne 

  2. Console Commands

    Bring up the console with "-" and type the codes followed by an enter. Commands are case-sensitive. Replace "[x]" with any number.

    advancetime [x] Advanced the game's story time by the given amount.
    infinitecharges Allows you to keep using abilities without consuming its charges.
    bloodymess Any character that gets killed, will get all their limbs dismembered at once.
    flushstack Can sometimes get combat unstuck.
    give [char] [item] [value] Char can be "party" or "Player". Item can be "xp", "all" (For all resources) or specific resources such as wood.
    giveitem [char] [item] [tier] [bool_givespecialproperty] Char can be "Player" or "party". Item can be any weapon type (lowercase, except DaneAxe). Tier goes to 5.
    weather [setting] clear/sunny/rainy/snowy.
    giveitem [char] [unique_item] Gives the character the specified named item, trap, throwable or consumable.
    heal heals the character you click on next during combat.
    autolevel [x] Levels all party members as well as the player up by the specified amount of skillpoints according to their archetype.
    imbue [char] [itemtype] [specialproperty] Looks for an item of [itemtype] and gives that item a special property. [specialproperty] is optional, but can be used to add a specific effect.
    lose Lose the current combat.
    daytime [setting] Noon/Night/Dusk/Dawn. Change the visual daytime of the scene (Not supported in all scenes). Doesn't affect the game's actual time.
    showtime Show the current game time.
    toggleui Shows/hides the ui.
    timescale [multiplier] Slows or speeds up the game. For example "0.5" or "2.0". Doesn't affect the game's story time.
    fps smooth Switch the camera to ghost mode to fly around using numpad. Press F11 during this for more options.
    beammeup Teleports the player to the clicked location during exploration.
    changeturn Toggles the current combat turn between player and enemy.
    autoplay When enabled, AI will control the player's characters.
    upgrade Will immediately complete a pending homestead upgrade. If in the scene, it needs to be reloaded.
    win Win the current combat.

    Contributed by: Avonaeon 

  3. GOG Achievements

    This title has a total of 40 Achievements on GOG. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

    Bring the last of the druids to Perth Ambrosius
    Bring justice to the arsonist of Ribe Ashes to Ashes
    Complete the game in Iron Man mode Beowulf
    Complete the game on Highest Difficulty or above Bloodaxe
    Complete the game on Medium difficulty or above Boneless
    Complete all five bounty quests in Eoforwic Bounty Hunter
    Complete Ketill's personal quest Buried Past
    Escort Finnguala to Perth Damsel in Distress
    Uncover what became of your father's final expedition Dear Old Dad
    Fight alongside your father in the valley of Vigridr Einherjar
    Clear out every occupied campsite in Denmark Eviction
    Intercept the meeting between Osred II and the Mercians False Flag
    Unify the Picts and the Gaels under King Caustantin Flower of Scotland
    Become romantically involved with a member of your hird Freyja's Touch
    Depose Osred II of Northumbria Hail to the King
    Complete Nefja's personal quest Helsott
    Help Northumbria conquer the Picts Hero of Northumbria
    Help the Picts defeat Northumbria Hero of Pictavia
    Clear out every occupied campsite in Britain Hostile Takeover
    Spend a total of 300 skillpoints on any character Living Legend
    Assume control of Orkneyjar Lord of Seals
    Find and destroy all the Christian shrines in the game Mocking the Cross
    Drive the Pictish forces out of the mountain caves Mountain of Madness
    Find all the cairns in Britain Pathfinder
    Drive the Northumbrian forces away from Hadrian's Wall Rats in the Wall
    Loot the passage grave in Skerninge Rite Of Passage
    Get rid of the cult from Legac├Žstir Romani Ite Domum
    Resolve your feud with Skule Skullcleaver Saga's End
    Complete the game on High difficulty or above Shaggy-Breeches
    Commission the construction of a new longship The Dragon
    Reach Avalon The Isle of Apples
    Equip all the pieces of the lost legionnaire's equipment The Last Legionnaire
    Recruit Morcant The Travelling Monk
    Recruit Aife The Tribal Huntress
    Complete the prologue Thegn
    Loot the treasure hidden in the sunken cave Treasure Hunter
    Begin your first expedition Viking
    Find all the cairns in Denmark Wayfarer
    Conquer Britain for the Norse and establish the Danelaw Wrath of the Northmen
    Ravage all the monasteries Wretched Heathens

    Contributed by: Eevee-Trainer