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Evergrace Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Unlimited Blue Fruits

    Play as Sharline. Whn you first start, grab the bow and pot lid and head down to the save crystal. Kill the Flower which will drop a blue fruit 100% of the time. After you get the blue fruit enter the shop through the crystal and exit. The Flower will be back and will still drop a blue fruit.

    Contributed by: KitCloudkicker 

  2. Unlimited Red Fruits in Underground Temple

    After Castle Rieubane, you go to an Underground Temple. In the East Annex Wing, there is a Golem that drops endless Red fruits that gives your stuff +10 stats. Just go back to the save crystal, and it will be there again!

    Contributed by: TwilightOrca 

  3. Character and Story Menu

    To unlock the Characters menu you need to have collected every single enemy files. The profiles really help you a little bit with the confusing story a bit. For the Story menu, you need to have collected every single item in the game. (weapons, armor, e.t.c).

    Contributed by: Viee 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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