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EVE: Valkyrie Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Crafted all Heavy, Support & Fighter ships Aerial Arsenal
    Set a lap time below 60 seconds in Fighter training Boost Management
    Survived until wave 10 on any Pro Survival map Born Survivor
    Crafted all Support ships Call The Doctor
    Won 50 PVP battles of Control Control Freak
    Collected 100 component salvage Death Metal
    Destroyed 100 enemy drones Drone Strike
    Purchased and applied a Paint Job to any Ship Dye Fighter
    Completed all training modules Flight School
    Started a PVP battle with all 3 ship classes to hand Full Deck
    Won 50 PVP battles of Carrier Assault Giant Slayer
    Lost a Team Deathmatch or Control battle with 1 clone remaining Goosed
    Reached rank 10 Graduation Day
    Reached rank 25 Half A Legend
    Crafted all Heavy ships Heavy Metal
    Purchased and applied a Cockpit to any Ship Inner Beauty
    Reached rank 50 Master And Commander
    Won 50 PVP battles of Team Deathmatch Maverick
    Collected all Salvage in all Scout mode maps Metal Detective
    Earned 10,000 points from charging friendly shields Nightingale
    Placed top in 10 PVP battles Peacock
    Completed the Recall mission Esmes III Quantum Leap
    Completed the Recall mission Station 27 Reboot & Rewind
    Won a PVP battle as a squad leader Red Leader
    Ride of the Valkyrie
    Destroyed 100 enemy missiles using countermeasures Shield Of Steel
    Purchased 25 cosmetic items Shopaholic
    Disabled 50 enemy ships with EMS shots Stay Frosty
    Crafted all Fighter ships Sting Like A Bee
    Collected 100 prime salvage Sweet Loot
    Owns all 4 launch tubes Tactical Mind
    Delivered the killshot to 3 cores in Carrier Assault Thar She Blows
    Purchased and applied a Decal to any Ship Transfer Complete
    Discovered all Echoes in all Scout mode maps Voices From Beyond

    Contributed by: KeyBlade999