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Escape Doodland Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    This title has a total of 37 Steam Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

    Collect 200 green beans. Bring them on!
    Complete a level without single hit on Hardest. Cheater
    Complete a level and get 3 gold beans on Hard. Easy-peasy
    Complete a level without single hit on Hard. Expert
    Light up 50 farts. Farter
    Light up 15 farts during one game. Fartoholic
    Unlock all doodle monsters. Full house
    Buy a gold bean. Gold rush
    Collect half of gold beans. Half way up!
    Complete a level without lighting up fart. I don't need that
    Fall down 150 times. It had to hurt
    Unlock power up. It's getting serious
    Collect 50 green beans. Just getting started
    Buy a match. Let's burn some farts
    Light up 150 farts. Master farter
    Collect 50 matches. Matches collector
    Buy 50 matches. Never too much
    Unlock new doodle monster. New friend
    Shot down a bird. Nice shot!
    Complete a level without dying on Hard. No problem
    Fall down 50 times. Oh, hi ground
    Die 5 times in a game and complete a level anyway. Persistent one
    Unlock all power ups. Pimp
    Collect all green beans on Hardest. Professional collector
    Collect all green beans on Hard. Promising collector.
    Collect 100 green beans. Rich one
    (no official description) Sadist
    Spent 100 green beans. Shopping frenzy
    Complete a level on Hardest. The job is done
    Collect all gold beans. Tippity top!
    Complete a level and get 3 gold beans on Hardest. Virtuoso
    Mess up with old lady. Watch out!
    (no official description) What have you done?! Run!
    Complete a level without collecting a single green bean. Where were they?
    Die 10 times. You are dead
    Die 100 times. You are the deadest!
    Die 50 times. You are very dead

    Contributed by: Eevee-Trainer