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Echelon Cheats For PC

  1. Adding Bots To Single Player Deathmatch Arena

    1) Start a deathmatch game e.g. Team Capture / Team Fight

    2) Once the game is loaded and you are spawned, press the "`" button
    (located above "TAB"). This will bring up the console menu.

    3) Enter the following: srv_bots # (note, there is a spacing between bots and #)
    # is the number of bots you want in the game. I usually put 15

    Therefore the entire command would be: srv_bots 15

    Contributed by: dairy_88_man 

  2. Complete Mission

    Press ~ to bring up the Console window, and then enter the following code.

    Effect Effect
    srv_success 1 Complete Mission 100%

    Contributed by: Mike Truitt