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EarthBound Cheats For Super Nintendo

  1. Infinite Use of Rock Candy and Other Items

    You can use the Rock Candy in battles an unlimited amount of times to increase your stats. You have to have it in one of the two very bottom spaces of one of your characters' inventories, and you have to use it with any condiment (preferably something like Sugar Packets or Jars of Delisauce, because they will increase one of your stats by 2 instead of one). This will allow you to get greater boosts in stats when you level up.

    Note that you should not use this trick when your stats are at 255. Raising them from that point will make the stat overflow to 0 - obviously not a good idea!

    This glitch also works with healing items provided they're compatible with the condiment in question, allowing you to get infinite use of various healing items!

    Contributed by: seishin eliwood 

  2. Exit Mouse in the Cave of the Past

    Note: This only works in the Super Famicom version of Earthbound(Mother 2).
    In Mother 2, you could use the Exit Mouse in the Cave of the Past, which was never intended obviously, since the feature is missing in Earthbound.

    Contributed by: baconlabs 

  3. Avoid battles.

    If you go into a room with a large amount or any amount of enemies in it, you can exit the room and re-enter it and the amount of enemies changes sometimes even taking them all out of that room. This can eliminate time consuming fights.

    Contributed by: Hiro_is_back 

  4. $50 Easy in Twoson

    Outside of the hotel room in Twoson, there will be a man sitting at a table. Constantly speak to him (his response will change each time) until he decides to hand you $50 so you can leave him alone. It takes about 20 sessions of talking for him to fork it over, but it's well worth it, plus it'll make up for the night you spent at the hotel.

    Contributed by: Anonymous 

  5. Never Gain the Sound Stone

    At the start of the game, fight as many Spiteful Crows as you can, until Ness' inventory is full of Cookies (and other items you find). During a cutscene later, Buzz Buzz will try to give you the Sound Stone, but fail due to your full inventory, and give it to your sister. You can actually go the whole game without owning the Stone, provided you never talk to Tracy - the game never checks that you have it. This frees up a slot of your inventory that's usually full for most of the game.

    Contributed by: Anonymous 

  6. Heal Teddy Bears

    Whenever your Teddy Bear or Super Plush Bear has taken some damage in battle, just deposit it and withdraw it from your storage via the Escargo Express. For some reason, this fully heals the bear!

    For reference, the Teddy Bear can take about 100 HP of damage, and the Super Plush Bear about 500 HP of damage.

    Contributed by: Anonymous 

  7. Level up quickly in Dusty Dunes Desert.

    Walk around in Dusty Dunes Desert until you see a little bug on the field, then chase it down. When encountered in battle it will appear under the name Criminal Caterpillar, but it's a very weak enemy and thus will most likely be defeated on contact. Once defeated, you'll be rewarded with a massive amount of EXP, totaling up to 30,384. Later on in Scaraba Desert, a more powerful variant known as the Master Criminal Worm can be found as well.

    To find the Caterpillar more easily, head east as soon as you breach past the first rocks and follow them, you will eventually find 2 cacti that are next to one another, scroll back and forth if enemies appear there, this will allow you to find the Criminal Caterpillar far more easily rather than just running about the desert looking for it.

    Contributed by: Blk_Mage_Ctype 

  8. Using Teleport Alpha as Teleport Beta

    If you use Teleport Alpha and rotate the control stick really fast for long enough, you'll evantually teleport without going in a straight line. This is good if there's no straight path that you can go on, but you still need to have a good amount of room to go in circles without bumping itno anything. Being that Teleport Alpha costs less PP, this is a relatively good option over Teleport Beta. It'll be more likely to succeed when using a control stick, but it might be possible when using a d-pad instead.

    Contributed by: PlushUmaru-chan 

  9. Infinite health

    When you’re running out of health or PP, go back to your house, talk to your mom, and she'll offer to let you rest or make your favorite food (depending on what part of the game you're at). This will fully restore your entire party's HP and PP.

    Contributed by: MaxyBoy611 

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