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Drakkhen Cheats For Super Nintendo

  1. Flashing road shortcut

    Normally you would have to walk around the flashing road in the middle of the map (which is particularly annoying at the beginning of the game) going into a stronger area to cross since you're stopped by a dragon when you enter. But there's a way to cross without going into another territory.
    If you turn around and walk backwards you'll still be stopped by the dragon, but you'll back up to the other side. This is only useful at the beginning of the game however because at higher levels the dragons will challenge you to a fight, but at lower levels they just want to talk.

    Contributed by: Deutschewolf 

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Drakkhen Cheats For Amiga

  1. Character Name Cheats

    Boot disc two for the character creation screen. When prompted to enter a first name for a character, enter one or both of the names below and then hit Return. After doing so, you can enter your desired name as usual.

    31415927 Higher attributes
    SUPERVISOR Press F10 during gameplay to heal all party members, even dead ones

    Contributed by: SBAllen