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Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition Cheats For PlayStation 3

  1. Armor Upgrades.

    Most of us are familiar with selling an item to a vendor and coming back and buying it back with a higher grade. The same thing occurs with the party chest at Soldier's Peak. Just place the items in that you wish to upgrade, leave and go to camp, then come back until you get the desired grade armor/weapon. I've upgraded Cailan's Armor to Tier 7, along with Bloodline War Axe. Be patient and they will shift so long as the item is programmed to have a variable tier.

    Contributed by: Blade Gunner 

Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Unlimited Experience and money

    Once you reach Lothering Allison will ask you for 3 spring traps. After giving her all 3 traps the quest does not end and you can continue to give her 3 traps repeatedly for 50 silver every time for unknown experience.

    Contributed by: Gerryggb