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Don't Knock Twice Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to get the specified trophy.

    Complete the ending with restraint. A Mother's Love
    Complete the Air part of the pentagram. Air
    Dunk the basketball. Alley-Oop!
    Find 100% of collectables in a single playthrough. Bibliophile
    Read Chloe's diary entries. Confessions of a Teenager
    Find 100% of collectables. Dead Clever
    Find 80% of collectables. Distinction
    Complete the Earth part of the pentagram. Earth
    Find all of the family photographs. Family Album
    Complete the game without lighting any wall candles. Faster Than Light
    Cook the crow. Filet-O-Crow
    Complete the Fire part of the pentagram. Fire
    Destroy a door handle. Here's Johnny!
    Destroy a Russian doll. Matricide
    Destroy all of the Russian dolls. Matryoshka No More
    Find 60% of collectables. Merit
    Destroy half of the Russian dolls. Mother Russia
    Find 40% of collectables. Pass
    Acquire all trophies. Platinum Trophy
    Pot the black snooker ball. Pot Black
    Find the flamethrower. Pyrotechnic
    Light the candle. Relight My Fire
    Find the axe. Soul Axiom
    Complete the Spirit part of the pentagram. Spirit
    Complete the ending with aggression. The Servant's Curse
    Read Jess' diary entries. This Is Your Life
    Feed the crow. Tuppence a Bag
    Burn the whale. Wales Interactive
    Complete the Water part of the pentagram. Water

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