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Doki Doki Literature Club! Cheats For PC

  1. Secret Messages from Monica

    Periodically throughout the game, text messages will be created in the game's directory - reading them can reveal special messages from Monica. The messages themselves are created at random points and a player may not see the same ones in various playthroughs. They are also deleted as the game progresses, so if you wish to save them it is best to create a copy of them outside the game directory. Some of them (such as Yuri's character file) have to be Base 64 decoded.

    Contributed by: darkknight109 

  2. Monica scoldings

    Manipulating the game files in certain ways can cause Monica to scold you in-game. If you locate the game's save files (the location will be dependent on what platform you are playing on and your operating system) and make a backup and then try to restore it after the game wipes all the in-game saves (e.g. trying to load a save from before Sayori's confession after the player character tells you that this isn't a game where you can go back and reset), you will receive an in-game error message that the save is corrupt and cannot be loaded. Monica will then appear and accuse you of trying to cheat, before calling you silly.

    Similarly, if you create a backup of Monica's character file and try to restore it after it has been deleted, Monica will tell you to stop playing with her heart, then re-delete the file.

    Contributed by: darkknight109 

  3. Multiple Endings

    The game has multiple endings depending on decisions chosen.

    Note that some of these endings require specific files to be deleted from the game's directory at specific times. All of the files that will need to be deleted are in the "characters" folder in the game directory.

    Note also that in order to get the Best End, you must start a new game or reload an old save a minimum of two times in order to see all nine character scenes (go through each one focusing on one of the three girls in order to see their three scenes). The game will "remember" all scenes viewed in this manner, even if you reload to an earlier save. However, be aware that you *MUST* reload/restart the game *before* the scene after Sayori's confession where you enter her house; it is not possible to do so afterwards, as all previous save points will be deleted and the option to restart and have the game remember your previously viewed cutscenes is removed.

    Finally, if you want to do a "clean" restart so that the game *won't* remember the cutscenes viewed (or to get either of the Early Ends), go into the game directory and in the "game" folder, delete the file called "firstrun".

    Complete the game having viewed all nine character cutscenes (three for each girl). Best End
    Start a new game. Save immediately. Close the game. Go into the "Characters" folder in the game directory and delete Sayori's file. Restart the game. Early End 1
    Before starting a new game, go into the "Characters" folder in the game directory and delete Monica's file Early End 2
    Complete the game without having viewed all of the cutscenes Normal End

    Contributed by: darkknight109